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You’re Really A Beautiful Boy-DUH?

have been super busy lately and I really am grateful to people who still read our blog. in anycase, if you haven’t caught this…it’s so funny! and cute! and wooyoung shirtless! haha~

credit: mellowgreenleaf@YT

lol lol~~


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“Zombie Idols” 2PM Explain 1:59PM

ahhh loooong since i updated. just finished my exams yesterday not that i studied that much heeee 😀 and well, i’ll try to keep up on some past updates and newer ones 😀

2PM recently performed at K-POP Night in China, Shanghai on the 25th. When 2PM was in their prep room, they were asked if their first album’s title, 1:59PM, means the missing spot of Jaebeom, which many Hottest fans are interpreting by.

The members commented, “It means that we are waiting for Jaebeom hyung. But because he isn’t here right now, it couldn’t be 2 o’clock.” They were then asked if the album title also meant that 2PM is incomplete because of Jaebeom. Their response was, “Yes it does.

This idea came from their producer, Park Jin Young. They commented, “During our discussions with our producer Park Jin Young, he brought up the idea of 1:59PM. We thought it was a good title as we were waiting for Jaebeom hyung.

Ever since before their promotions of their title-song Heartbeat, they have been called the “beastly idols.” Regarding this title, Taecyeon commented, “Originally, the word ‘beastly’ used on males were offensive, but because the fans gave us this name after watching our performances, we are satisfied. There is a pride in the meaning as it holds a wild masculine image.” He then joked, “But after the fans recently saw our ‘Heartbeat’ choreography, they are now calling us ‘zombie idols.’” The members commented, “The [zombie] choreography doesn’t depend on acrobatics and it was an experimental performance.

Wooyoung continued, “Our bodies are like general orthopedics. We try various actions and we get hurt. The choreography that each of the members perform at the end of Heartbeat always changes. Our backs, wrists, ankles, etc – there isn’t a place where it doesn’t hurt.

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MAMA Wants Jaebum

Fans have expressed their curiousity as to whether 2PM will be performing at MAMA, especially since 2PM has been revealed to be releasing their album mid November.

The MAMA staff met with Newsen and discussed their plans and desires to stand Jaebum on the 2009 MAMA stage. The producer stated “We have been expressing our opinions with JYPE. If further action is needed, I would like to invite Jaebum from America. 2PM is this year’s most anticipated guest and Jaebum was with them for all of their activities. Should 2PM receive an award this year, I believe it is only definite that Jaebum should stand on stage and receive that award also.”

He went on to state “I will work and try my best to make sure that everyone can see Jaebum on the 2009 MAMA stage.”

2PM member JaeBum’s stage performing costume has fetched a high price of 6.1 million KRW at a star charity sales, gaining the attention of many netizens.

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Wooyoung Sticks Up for Jaebom

oh the double edged sword that is the Internet. The puzzling reality of the existence of so many people who have nothing better to do than make a mountain out of a molehill~ 

Allkpop reported that in means of encouraging his fellow 2PM member, Jaebom, WooYoung had posted, “2PM, we’re not 7 members. We are One.” On his Cyworld on September 6th, he even posted a picture of the 7 members that was taken during a photoshoot, and set his homepage song to NRG’s “Friend.” But being the harsh netizens that they are, WooYoung’s homepage was bombarded with comments stating that he was only covering up for his own 2PM member. In reply, WooYoung deleted the encouragement he posted, which again stirred up more controversies. As of now, WooYoung’s mini-homepage does not have any new posts.

JYPE said, “Nothing has been planned in relation to Jaebeom’s schedule for now.” 


How ridiculous is this?? 

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2PM Pictorial Avalanche

credit: as tagged + onedayroom + danjisoo + owe + allkpop

shared by: fanaholic@wordpress

well it would seem that my school term will not allow me to slack as much as I usually do this sem @____@. Anywhooo since I’ve been K-pop deprived for the last week I should destress. Time For 2PM!!! haha~ Maybe I’ve been dreaming of them like literally, coz it’s been long since I blogged about them (time in terms of fangirl universe hehe XD)

This is a mish mash of all the photo updates from Cosmopolitan and W Magazine that I’ve missed

Starting with my favourite shot!


Denise apparently couldn’t tell Junho apart from the rest of the members. So Denise please acquaint yourself now haha 😀 I find him so extremey attractive for some reason 🙂


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JYP Punishes WooYoung + Nickhun!

haha! I wonder what they did. But anyways it apparently turned out well in the end…


Other than this JYP also tweeted that he’s made a new song for 2PM’s new album which s slated for an October release!!! YAY! Can’t wait XD

2PM looks like they have alot of fun and they make great songs. On top of that JYP looks like a fun boss…unlike SoMeone else~

Source: allkpop + kbites

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These two days have been really hectic. I look forward to be able to update more in the next 3 days..but mannn am I tired today…haha haven’t adjusted to re-openng of school sighhhh~ 😦

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2NE1 On Holiday!


The girls had a 3-day break given by YG from 12th August, they will be back on 15th August in Korea. During the break, Park Bom went back to the States, CL to Japan,MinJi to her grandmother’s place and Sandara to the Philippines.

#14.08.09 Bom: Good morning America~~~~^^♥I’ve just woke upㅋㅋ


#14.08.09 Bom: I’m right now here~~~♥♥^^kkk 

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