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Kpop in Hungary + Jaebum In Exam Papers??

wahhh @__@!


A scan of a test paper has been heavily circulated on the internet!

In the question, some of the sentences used are:

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Inkigayo Is Where Taeyang Is At

credit: codemonmonseason3@YT

woooots! This is apparently Taeyang’s only live perf of the song and he will be moving on to promote his next song ‘Wedding Dress’ instead. I’ve totally become hooked to ‘Where U At’ and hope that ‘Wedding Dress’ will be as awesome too 😀

i’ll post other inkigayo highlights tomorrow or soon if I have time 🙂


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Big Bang Wants To Hear Your Voice & Taeyang Asks Where You At

credit: imbisibells @YT

the teaser sounds really promising 🙂

credit: YGEntertainment@YT


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