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Keeping Both Jaebom and the Remaining 2PM in Mind

wahaha long title again. it’s hari raya night and i’m really bored but i’ve got a thought to share about this~

Credit: time2sub2@YT + one2dayforums

well~ i guess it’s really nice and all that the International Hottest Community has been rallying support, protesting and all outside of JYPE to get Jaebom back but we must always remember that there are still 6 others. It’s fishy that JYP did not make Jaebom come back despite Jae’s existing 7 year contract… some say it’s coz Jae may have issues with JYP itself but consider that it could be JYP is respecting Jae’s decision since as we usually note JYP is really close to 2PM. And then also acknowledge that about 3000 odd people demanding you commit suicide may be quite traumatizing as to influence Jae’s decision to keep off the stage for the time being.

What I’m saying essentially is…since the main point of the moron who created this nonsense was to eliminate competition (read: to get rid of 2PM essentially totally) if we really get caught up with our emotions (again) 6 more careers may be sacrificed. Protest responsibly people 😀


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