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[Trans] THSK-What’s In August issue


Click here for members’ individual interviews

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[LYRICS] Super Junior – 카니발 (Carnival) [Romanized + Translations]

Added translations under ‘More here’


Neol uihae junbihan oneul
Jjibjjib haettdeon ildeul da jiwobeoryeo
Haengbokhan kieokdeullo
Neoui mam kadeuk chaeugo sipeo
Nuneul kamgo nae soneul kkok jaba
Nal ddarawa nal mideobwa

Pureunbit badawa baeksajang
Ddaddeuthan haessal coconut island
Deonuni busin geon
Neoui misoya summer carnival
Oh-eh-oh, oh-eh-oh nan naheya~

Cheomiya ireon darkkomhan neukkim
Nae simjang kkongdak kkongdak
I want kiss, kiss, kiss
Darkkomhan kieokdeullo
Naega neoui mam kadeuk chaeugo sipeo
Nuneul kamgo nae soneul kkok jaba
Naeddarawa nal mideobwa

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[Lyrics]SHINee – scar (Rom & Translations)

As requested by Vic^^

Cheombuteo sijakdo maraya haesseo
We shouldn’t have started from the beginning
Niga ddeonagan keu sunkan buteo
From the moment you left me
Dein nae sangcheoneun deo kkeojyeoman kasseo
the burn wound grew bigger

Amudo moreuge (sumgyeodo)
So that nobody knows (I hide it)
Aesseo keunyang oimyeon (haebwado)
I try my best to ignore it (I try to)
Amulji anhneun nae mam hankeuseokeseo
In the corner of my heart that doesn’t heal
Jaranan keu hyongteomankkeum apawa
the scar that grew hurts

Neoman isseumyeon dwae dorawajweo
I just need you, come back to me
Neoman saranghaettgo da mideosseo
I loved only you, and believed everything
Neol nohchiji mothae neol ddeonaji mothae
I can’t let you go, i can’t leave you
Dashi dorawajwo
Please come back to me
Apeun kieokdeureun kajyeokajwo
Take away all the painful memories
Doryeonaebwado nae soge ittneun

The deep hurt inside me I keep trying to cut away
Nae kipeun sangcheodo neolhyanghan miryeondo
The lingering stubbornness towards you
Modu kajyeokajwo
Take it all away

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[Trans]JaeChun’s Colors ~ Melody and Harmony ~ Lyrics

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090517 TSC Sendai Translation From Blogs

At MC part – 090517 The Secret Code in Sendai

Junsu: “About my injury, it still hurts a bit. But for walking, I have no problem at all.”

*all applause*

Host: “As each tour is already begun, do you have impression of something fun?”

Yunho: “To see many fans from each regions coming to our concert, I feel so happy.”

Changmin: “After the concert, we’ll enjoy dinner with all the staffs.”

Jaejoong: “it’s fun to eat a lot of delicious food so many times.”

Yoochun: “Still it’s regrettable for the fact we can’t dance together with Junsu.” (YooSu looked at each other o(^-^)o so cute!!) “I hope to dance with you soon.” (Yoochun nodded and smiled)

Junsu: “I’m sorry for making you worried right now” ← he sounded like apologizing privately to Yoochun T____T


awww YooSu.. so cute ^^ Brotherly Love^^

credit: http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/autumn_in_purple/48254707.html + liz@sharingyoochun (heads up)
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

Shared by: fanaholic @ wordpress


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Bigeast message translations

A translation of the messages they wrote^^

It was the best event!! As usual, everyone was at their best!!
Always, thank you!!

From now onwards, you can hear more good songs.
I will work hard!

Fanclub event was enjoyable!!
From now on, please listen to a lot of our song!!

It was enjoyable~
Let’s (meet/comeback) again yo~
*might be wrong cause i cant really see his handwriting..

Sadly, Yoochun’s handwriting is kinda difficult to read as well, so we are still trying to figure it out T.T

Please take out with full credits.
Picture credits: as tagged+ HeroBaidu+ tvxqfever.blogspot.com
translation: janice@fanaholic


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090324-090502 Changmin’s UFO replies translations

Fan : Tour is about the start ^_^ Our members…must finish it healthy as ever! Hwaiting! (>_<)
ChangMin : Thank you^^ Now go to sleep

Fan : Oppa!! Keke do you still remember this hat~~??
ChangMin : Ah! This hat!
*fan’s avatar is ChangMin wearing a pink hat

(all 3 replies below are from the same person)
Fan : Don’t you wanna marry me oppa? Keke Then sign the marriage certificate!
ChangMin: I want to do neither. hahaha

Fan: Introduce this person to me oppa keke
ChangMin: Go find him yourself.
*fan’s avatar is Min

Fan: Oppa behind you!
ChangMin : What

Fan : This is oppa when oppa was still young kekeke
ChangMin : I still am haha
*fan’s avatar is Min during HiYaYa days

Fan : This is my man. Isn’t he cute?^^ He’s so cute when he smiles
ChangMin : Really?^^;
*fan’s avatar is Min

Fan : Oppa! What does “MAX” mean?
ChangMin : What do you think it means?

Translated by choco@TVXQFever
Please take out with full credits.

Credits : ohmicky + tvxqfever.blogspot.com
Shared by: fanaholic@wordpress


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DBSK- Nicola May Issue Interview Translations

More here

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DBSK in Aera Magazine April Issue Interview Translation

More here

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Interview with Writer and Han Hyo Joo (about Jaejoong)

Credits:On Template


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