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DBSK Cellphone Wallpapers Part 2

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I separated the cellphones stuff into three in a bid to psycho myself that 40 plus wallies are not too much to upload  

T__T” take your time to view XD



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THSK Cellphone Wallpapers

ahh sorry for the slow updates. been sick o.O!

haha after yesterday I’m like banned from looking at JJ solo pics. CM has been giving me the evil eye ^^ hehe~


Seeee~ ah but anyway CM looks great here XD


and here he looks bad-ass! haha like he gonna break my spine (x.x) 

been hangin’ around yunho hyung too much?


the many shades of yunho


okay so only two shades -_-” heheh








the more we get together..the merrier we’ll be 😀






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