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Music Core Wraps Up 09

2009 has been…hmmmm~ mixed. but it got really rotten in the back half not just in kpop but personally for me too. but heck life goes on. here’s hoping for better days in 2010 for everyone 😀

can i just say how much i love this song? and to think i was gonna jump on the STAND bandwagon not too long ago haha~ what can change in a matter of time huh~ and i ADORE taeyeon’s hair. have half a mind to get mine done that way too haha

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091205 Music Core Jeju island Special Stage

Edit: Added SHINee, BEG & SNSD’s Gee

woots! outdoor live! but the poor fans are kinda wayyyy far far awayyy from the stage looks like 😀

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The Royal Pirates Rock KPop!

they are pretty amazing. i think someone told me before that they were good but coz they looked like those emo bands  i kinda just took no notice. But now i think they ARE good XD hehe

SNSD – Tell Me Your Wish

2PM – Again & Again + I Hate You

DBSK – Mirotic

Super Junior – Sorry Sorry

Credit: fadingfromdawn @ YT

Go check them out. There’s a download link at their channel

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Tell 2PM, Shinee & MC Mong Your Wish

Sorry for lack of updates coz Denise and I have been really busy. I’ll update more when I get back to SG when term starts (haha instead of studying. It’s bad but I do it anyways oops-_-:)

Anywhooo this was too precious to not share AND it has 2pm and shinee members! This SNSD song is getting stuck in my head coz its always playing on the korean channels. I must admit being exposed to their CFs is making me like them more haha (don’t kill me denise!

Credit: prot0980@YT

Of course I like this version better hehe! TAEC & YOUNGGGG XD


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Tell Your Wish To Sorea Group

Credit: rebt0@YT

OMGEEE! They make me wanna get this song hahha.Sorea Group totally rocks! XD


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