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Remixing 09

yeahhh an awesome mix though i prefer adios 08 coz dbsk was in it tee hee 😀

credit: mmixes@YT

and then BEG’s Ga In and Miryo also did an awesome Heartbeat

credit: monmonsnowHD@YT

and taemin does a flawless Michael Jackson!

credit: crazyfreakii100@YT


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Shinee Comeback Preview + Teasers

wahaha i brought a sackload of books to study in school and this is what i end up doing. sheesh. well they’re the only comeback i can look forward to and it really looks like a comeback to definitely anticipate. yowza taemin with short hair looks hawt. just a matter of fact opinion. not a paedophilic one hehe 😀

JUST ADDED. ” Jo Jo” Teaser.

And so their comeback single will be released on various online music sites on the 14th and their comeback album will follow on the 19th. Fans should also anticipate their comeback stage on the 16th of this month on Music Bank!

1. Y.O.U.(Year Of Us)
2. Ring Ding Dong
3. Jo Jo
4. Get Down
5. SHINee Girl
6. 내가 사랑했던 이름

Audio Teasers

credit: dirah9032@YT

credit: weareshining01@YT

credit: myz0525@YT

credit: casshine@YT

New Image Pics! 😀


channeling BEG’s narsha?

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Find Pleasure With Shinee

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Tell 2PM, Shinee & MC Mong Your Wish

Sorry for lack of updates coz Denise and I have been really busy. I’ll update more when I get back to SG when term starts (haha instead of studying. It’s bad but I do it anyways oops-_-:)

Anywhooo this was too precious to not share AND it has 2pm and shinee members! This SNSD song is getting stuck in my head coz its always playing on the korean channels. I must admit being exposed to their CFs is making me like them more haha (don’t kill me denise!

Credit: prot0980@YT

Of course I like this version better hehe! TAEC & YOUNGGGG XD


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Happy birthday to SHINee’s youngest:) He’s turning 16!! (17 in Korea) although this doesn’t change the fact that I’m still older than him, lol. He’s someone that i feel has the ability to bring a smile to anyone’s face because he’s just so sincere and cute! I wish him all the best in the years to come and that SHINee will continue to achieve alot of success^^

now… a video of SHINee on MusicCore

They have new outfits!! They are performing with 4MiNUTE though, I’ll try to be nice and gracious XD I’m always a little meaner to new girl groups but I absolutely love 2NE1 and Wonder girls now:)

credits:ChangminxJunsu @ youtube



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090704 SHINee @ Music Core perfs

Be back to edit^^ watching now


Taemin~~ So pretty the piece he played♥

8EIGHT W/ Taemin – Goodbye my love

Ok Taemin, I think I’m going to jail soon XD


SHINee and teddy bears!!! for some reason I like Minho’s moves at 1:08-1:10^^


This whole SHINee thing is kinda new for me, I have never liked a band within a year of their debut before. I normally start to like them only after a few years, like DBSK and Shinhwa. I always wondered what it was like to support a band early in their career, and it’s awesome watching them progress and grow:)


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What’s in Shinee’s Bag?

Pardon the lack of a proper entry intro but today I have to do a lot of homework T__T. Je ne veux pas faire! haha hope I don’t offend the french with my language. Still learning -_-“. Anyways here’s what you’re here for

In Shinee’s Bag:

Taemin: pencil case, beanie, scripts from his tv shows and Michael Jackson DVD
Key: iPod touch, camera, mirror and a book
Onew: Beauty products, iPod Classic, book, picture from after the Music Bank win
Minho: Book for his ideas and an iPod
Jonghyun: Romeo CD, wallet and pouch with items to keep him occupied in waiting rooms. 

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