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Park Jaebum To Finally Speak Out?

On a variety program through KBS 2TV ‘Sunday Night’ airing on the 25th, footage will air of Jaebum’s life in Seattle.

The show will be MC’d by Nam Heesuk. The producers have stated “We are meetingJaebum for the first time after he left for Seattle. He avoided our interview but has finally come through at the end for a short video message and has sent it to us himself.”

In the video, Jaebum states “I am rethinking my actions and behavior and am working out a way to learn from them. I have nothing else to say. I think time must pass before I can say anything


Source: allkpop

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P.S.: To the perpetuators of the boycott: refer to the above in bold and underlined.

Actually this thing is going on and on like a really bad sinetron. Some people want him back. Some morons people want him dead. Some who don’t actually care but for some reason they have no life want to be part of the drama and are slamming him anyway. Best solution for the moment. Back off the situation. Jaebum agrees too.


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