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Jung Sungha: Haru Haru By Big Bang

credit: jwcfree@YT

I don’t think I’ve shared about this guitarist on the blog yet but this kid is like LEGEND with the guitar. I’ve been subbed to him on YT for sometime now and I think this is probably the first kpop song that I know of that he’s played with his guitar. He played loads of awesome songs on his channels and already doing tours in Europe at 14!!

He’s also been on Starking before:

credit: xxsashaxxx@YT

do check him out. he really is a gem 😀


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2PM Starking MishMash


yay 2PM XD!


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Taec & Young For SBS Inkigayo


sorry no eng subs but this is just to spazz about how cute the boys are hehe. and did you hear?? some ahjussi apparently hypnotized wooyoung against his will on starking! what the! 

Credit: thehottestwoo@YT

apparently wooyoung did not give consent but filming went on anyway even though he was uncomfortable with being hypnotized.

haizzz anyways i found something else..haha this might be kinda gross/unconventional for some people but i thought it was kinda amusing hehe

Credit: immaturechildish@YT


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[Fancam]SHINee’s Onew on ice

I don’t really know what’s going on with the ice and the guy pulling Onew’s pants 0_o but Onew is pretty cute in the vids XD


credits: shineee16


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Sorry Sorry & Again n Again At Starking

Haha! I HAD to share this..the kids are so cute and hilarious! Look out for the boy in yellow pants..that one is HIGH on something..^^ ahh~ 

Nickhun is so cute! But I just thought that he shouldn’t have jumped right in front of the kids coz it was kinda their stage. He should’ve done what the Suju guys did..but anyway this is a really fun vid XD.

Credit:SoopieSan @ YT 


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