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Want to see BEAST/B2ST in Singapore? VOTE!

BEAST/B2ST will be doing overseas promotions and Universal Music Singapore is having a poll on Facebook to see if Singapore fans really do want to see Beast/B2ST. If you’re one of those fans, make sure to be heard here. One the number hits 3000, chances are BEAST fans in Singapore will get to meet them! Spread the word! 🙂

hehe I’m even posting this when Mystery came on while my Itunes is on shuffle. That’s a good start! 🙂

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don’t mind the CAPS but im EXCITEDDDDDDD~~~ 2 Pieces of Good news to Singapore Kpoppers and others around the region 🙂


Shinee and a host of other stars will be attending the Singapore Entertainment Awards.


DATE: 13 Mar 2010  Sat 7PM

DURATION : Approx 5 Hrs

VENUE(S) : The Floating Platform @ Marina Bay

TICKET PRICE (Exclude Booking Fee)

Standard – S$21.40, S$10.70

Mosh Pit (Stage Front Standing) – S$69.55

(Ticket price are inclusive of 7% GST)

Please add to above price $3 Booking Fee per ticket for tickets above $20 and $1 Booking Fee per ticket for tickets $20 and below. Charges include GST where applicable.

Book your tix here: SISTIC

Source: OMY.SG, SHINee Singapore

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credit: xxtranscendence2@YT

yes. XIAH JUNSU. :)))))))))))))))) That’s like 1/5 of DBSK but a good start 😀

DATE HAS BEEN SET: 1st MAY 2010 7PM. Venue To Be Confirmed. KYAAA ~~~

credit: Questmodelmanagement@fb+twitter

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stay tuned for more news 🙂


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Lee Minho’s Overwhelming Response In Singapore

Behold Ye Kpop Bosses! Witness the fanfare in SG and send DBSK, 2PM, Shinee, 2NE1, etc etc here. We will make it worth your while hehehe 😀

The response and welcome in Singapore was CRAZZZZEEEEEEEYYYYYY. Just look at the packed beyond belief airport and Plaza Singapura. Dang I think even if they had it at Vivo or ION there wouldn’t be any breathing space either:


Due to safety reasons and because the media and probably Lee Minho himself couldn’t enter the shopping center, the fanmeet had to be cancelled. But there was a closed fanmeet for like 70 lucky fans from SG and the region who parted with up to $350-$400 SGD to get up close and personal with LMH. LMH was still apparently ‘visibly upset’ and apologized at the other fanmeet to the other fans who couldn’t meet him and whom he couldn’t meet.

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Flash With The Hottests!

Hey Singaporean Hottests I just got wind of this through Facebook. While I don’t support the boycott I do support 2PM so I thought I’d share this in case anyone’s interested in joining.

Time For 2PM wants to organize a flash mob like the other Hottests did in Korea and the US. They’re doing it in SG in NTU, November 1st 2PM, Sunday. Get more info at the link below:


The previous flash mobs:

credit: theNYChottest@YT

credit: leadjaprotectionprog@YT

ohh I didn’t know that the Malaysian Hottests did a flash mob too. Looks really nice 🙂

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It’s Going To RAIN in Singapore

Okay so we don’t usually post news on Rain..but heck since he’s coming to SG, thought I’d give a heads up to his fans here:) And omg Chinese/Japanese Garden is like 2 train stops from my houseeeee~

Singer Rain will be participating for car racing F1 (Formula 1) with world star Beyonce.

Coming 27th September, ‘2009 F1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix’ will take place in Singapore. And Rain will be amongst the crowd of artistes at the event like Lindsay Lohan, No Doubt, Black Eyed Peas etc.

It is said that Rain will also be promoting his upcoming Hollywood film ‘Ninja Assassin’ set to air in November over in Singapore.

Rain will be appearing on various media broadcast shows in Singapore like ‘F1 Rocks’. Also, he will be making a visit to ‘Chinese and Japanese Garden’. He will also be interacting with the winner of 2008 Grand Prix Mark Webber.

This event will be covered by media from over 200 countries like BBC, ESPN, Fuji TV, CCTV, MTV etc.

Meanwhile, Rain will be back in Korea after finishing his promotions in Singapore on the 24th. And he will be preparing for his 2009 Asia tour ‘Legend of Rainism’ in Seoul on 9th and 10th October.

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Lee Minho Is Coming To Singapore

hehe i’ve been really avoiding reporting on kpop since it’s been so depressing heh~ BUT! Better report this asap so you LMH fans get time to plan a trip to SG (if your not already here) coz LEE MINHO IS COMING TO SGGGGGGG 😀

Source: allkpop

Remember earlier where we said Lee Minho was coming to Singapore for Etude House ION Orchard outlet official opening? Well, Minho’s trip to Singapore on 10th October has been delayed.

But the good news is that Lee Minho will still be in Singapore two weeks later instead, on 24th October for a 2D1N promotional trip. No further details were made available again but the new date will be ideal for those who couldn’t find time earlier to chase him around Singapore and bad luck unfortunately for those who have already made plans earlier.

For those keen on first-hand updates on his trip, do visit Etude House Singapore on Facebook and become a fan.

For those who can’t wait to see Lee Minho in Singapore, spend a minimum of $10 at any Etude House outlet (Plaza Singapura, ION Orchard) in Singapore to redeem a poster of him, whilst stocks last!

Many thanks to zax for the tip.

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