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091018 Inkigayo- G-Dragon’s A Boy & SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong

This is one of my favorite songs in his album but OMG what happened to his hair?!

credits:CodeMonmonSeason3 @yt

I finally heard their comeback song!!! The song is pretty catchy but I can’t quite get over the lyrics >.< Doesn’t Key’s hair in here  look a bit like Yoochun (more obvious during the MusicBank perf) during the Mirotic period?

credits:CodeMonmonSeason3 @yt


Taqiah I’ll be free in a month’s time!!! and will be able to be more stalkish (is that a gd or bad thing I wonder)


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Shinee Ring Ding Dong Full MV + Eng Subs

credit: dirah9302@YT

credit: sment@YT

haha dang this song is addictive. i had a midterm today and to all the questions my brain’s answer was either ‘ring ding dong’, ‘rocka rocka rocka’ and ‘fantastic elastic’. hehehe. i guess we’ll never know the genius behind ‘fantastic elastic’ since the subs dont say nothing about them. but then again ‘ring ding dong’ isn’t really being used for any meaning except to make it catchy maybe?perhaps? haha but the MV is superniceeeee 😀


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