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2PM Old School PicSpam

i was feling nostalgic about 2PM after watching some vids on YT so  went a-digging to look for pre-timeforchange photos and ohemgee did i find some 🙂 AND if you haven’t heard, the date for 2PM’s next album release is NOVEMBER 10th 2009! I’ll try to look for links in case anyone wants to get the album. Of course the best would be to get the album 😀

btw these are chansung, taecyeon and wooyoung centric. favs first. they’re abit randomly scattered coz i’m kinda rushing to go to school soon oops hehe. i’ll dig out more weeee~

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2AM For Maxim Style

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Which male idol group member has the best body?

With the hot summer, the season for ‘revealing’, many boy groups which have emphasized on the image of ‘young boys’ previously are all coming out with the masculine image instead.

Which member of from idol groups Dong Bang Shin Ki, Big Bang, 2PM and 2AM has the best body?

Firstly for 2PM, the ‘team’s sexy guy’ JaeBum is known for his good built. Also known as an exercise-maniac, JaeBum has toned out a good body through exercising and acrobatic training. Especially for his chocolate 6 packs, he has a special trainer to build them up to a music built.

Next Dong Bang Shin Ki member UKnow YunHo has also received great reviews from fans about his built. He sticks with the toned and lean built which is very much amplified through his powerful and charismatic dance steps on stage.

2AM SeulOng and Big Bang SeungRi are some of the younger members coming out to show off their built this summer, being very successful in changing their image to the sexy image.

Seeing these muscles and great built, netizens say, “It just feel like a man”, “The face and their great sexiness (not over doing it) is their charms” etc.

For the Koreans, they vote:

1. 2PM JaeBum
2. DBSK UKnow YunHo
3. Big Bang SeungRi
4. 2AM SeulOng

Credits: KBites
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One Day For Movieweek Photoshoot

that’s ALOT of tags!

Introducing 2AM + 2PM = One Day (I’ll try to name them all hehe~ the One Day naming challenge with the help of Wikipedia. uhuh I’m a One Day noob -_-“)







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