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THSK TSC part 45- Sendai Changmin Focus

Err I’m not sure whether we’ve shared Sendai pics…lazy to check archives…and anyway these are Changmin focus..ahaha so many reasons to indulge in Changmin photos 😄



hey watch where you put those hands!


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TSC Junsu in Sendai Box In The Ship Fancam

Credit: yuulinajaejoong @ YT

Shared by: fanaholic@wordpress


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090517 TSC Sendai Translation From Blogs

At MC part – 090517 The Secret Code in Sendai

Junsu: “About my injury, it still hurts a bit. But for walking, I have no problem at all.”

*all applause*

Host: “As each tour is already begun, do you have impression of something fun?”

Yunho: “To see many fans from each regions coming to our concert, I feel so happy.”

Changmin: “After the concert, we’ll enjoy dinner with all the staffs.”

Jaejoong: “it’s fun to eat a lot of delicious food so many times.”

Yoochun: “Still it’s regrettable for the fact we can’t dance together with Junsu.” (YooSu looked at each other o(^-^)o so cute!!) “I hope to dance with you soon.” (Yoochun nodded and smiled)

Junsu: “I’m sorry for making you worried right now” ← he sounded like apologizing privately to Yoochun T____T


awww YooSu.. so cute ^^ Brotherly Love^^

credit: http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/autumn_in_purple/48254707.html + liz@sharingyoochun (heads up)
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

Shared by: fanaholic @ wordpress


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YunJae At Sendai TSC


Haha Changmin always exposed to YunJae couple and his expression always changes like ‘what the…’ hahah~


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090518 THSK Staff Report- Sendai

■ YUCHUN supper in the …

2009/05/18 (Mon) 1:13

Hot dogs (420 yen) and (^-^)
Hanyu I had bought in PA!

The tour, ramen is a snack stand.

■ and me …
2009/05/17 (Sun) 23:24

Sugao curry udon PA (550 yen) YUCHON ate “good” fire! Praised! !
I recommend the YUCHUN (laughs).

Sendai everyone, thank you!
Next week is the Sapporo ☆

Credits: DBSKnights + Staffreport


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THSK backstage at Sendai

source: 紫丁花香+alwaysjaejoong
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress


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091805 Tohosinki Secrets Sendai


When Junsu was in Primary 4, he transferred to another school because he was chosen as a professional baseball player.
But, because he was not tall enough, he gave up being a baseball player and set his goal to become a singer instead.

Recently, Yoochun has been learning the “Teenage language”
especially the phrase [そっすねー] that he has been repeating recently.
Because of this, all the other members like to imitate him now.

(Denise subs for そっすねー please hehe~)

Jaejoong will play his music at a loud volume and sleep

Bigeast Fanclub ID no. 2 is Changmin

[Ok, so No. 1 = Jaejoong, No. 2 = Changmin, No. 3 = Junsu!]

Yunho wanted to become a police inspector when he was young,
In order to have additional advantage for his then-prospective career,
he went to take up Aikido and Taekwondo.

Credits: 神采奕译@百度帖吧
Trans: shaine@sweetfig
shared by: sweetfig@blogspot + sharingyoochun@wordpress 
Please take out with Full Credits. :) 


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