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090621 THSK’s Secrets

Although Junsu has a very happy-go-lucky personality, he actually likes sad and emotional songs.


Once he hears the song “五線紙” (T/N: Gosenshi, THSK 11th Single), his mind will be flooded with Junsu’s smiling faces.

He loves onions a lot and he can eat it raw.

Changmin loves eating Cold Noodle (A famous Japanese Summer dish), which is why he is always anticipating the arrival of summer.


When Yunho starts dancing, he uses alot of strength in all his movements thus he often hits other members accidentally.

Credit: [baidutvxq.com]
Translations: thesexy-orange@iscreamshinki.net
Shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress + fanaholic@wordpress
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090620 THSK’s Secrets

JUNSU who has been always thinking positively, can ease away the other 4 members’ fatigue

When is having his supper, because YUCHON feels lonely, he will force other members to accompany him!

When JEJUNG is drunk for sake, he would turn so beautiful!

Once he feels himself stink, he would immediately take a bath!

|If he’s re-born as a female, he’d wanted to share tears just like others!

source: tohomobile
credits: yukabon’s room + sharingyoochun@wordpress
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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090618 THSK’s Secrets


If JUNSU was reincarnated, he would want to became a soccer player.


YUCHON wrote lyrics for his solo song “My Girlfriend” — one main song of the “TRICK” series — at Starbucks.


JEJUNG who has been taking up challenge of composing, uses computer and keyboard to do so.


Bullying JUNSU is one of CHANGMIN’s way to be relax.


In order to persuade his parents to let him entering entertainment world, he danced in front of them.

source: tohomobile
credit: yukabon’s room
trans by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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lol at Changmin XD


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090607 THSK’s Secrets

EDITED: Yoochun’s secret should be:

YOOCHUN: Yoochun thinks the color of love is black

Yoochun statement in Barks magazine March issue: “Black is when the love in the state of beginning. I want to find out the different colors as the love becomes deeper. How many colors are completed in the relationship, that shows how deep the love is.”

source: shooku+dnbn
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

JUNSU: For now, Junsu wants to defeat the peak of mount. Fuji.

YOOCHUN: Yoochun recently has been liking a very dark black color.

JAEJOONG: Jaejoong feels uncomfortable if he doesn’t wear his ring.

CHANGMIN: Changmin can’t be defeated in “staring each other” game since he gets a lot of confidence!!

YUNHO: Yunho ever got dream of being killed by Terminator

source: tohomobile + yukabon’s room
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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090530 Tohoshinki’s Secrets


Even the day before he got his day off, he would feel happier all day long!


The first hurtful experience of him, When he was young, his head ever bumped to the corner side of his bed!


He loves to work. He keeps saying “Gimme more work!” to the staffs.


In order to keep his body warm, even in summer he always eats hot food. He’s the member who worried about health the most.


The charm point of Yunho is “he can place himself well-mannered in any situation!”

source: tohomobile + happyquest
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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Tohoshinki Secret of the Day

Here’s Tohoshinki’s Secret of the Day [090516] delivered from Sendai!

Junsu really likes singing
Even when he is in the dressing room, he will sing in the same volume as when he is on stage.

Yoochun can never accomplish any tasks in the morning
He cannot wake up early even when Tohoshinki’s schedule is fully packed

Jaejoong feels that his most charming feature is his [white/fair muscles]

If Changmin can reincarnate as an animal, he wants to become a panda.
Reason: He can sleep as much as he wants ><

[Changminnie ah, pandas can’t sleep as much as they want, that’s why they get the dark eye-rings~]

YUNHO★ Yunho has the best vision among the members

Credits: 神采奕译@百度帖吧
Trans: shaine@sweetfig
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress
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THSK Secrets Saitama Day 2

OOps we got the order mixed up but just so you get to know THSK it’s not a big deal right? hehe~

Today, we have Tohoshinki’s Secret of the Day (May 9th) ALLLL the way from Saitama!

If he could reincarnate into an animal in his next life, he wants to become a penguin! The reason is: Penguins are cute when they walk.

He likes beer that comes in a BIG glass. If there is green soy bean(something that looks like a snow pea) to go along with the beer, it will be heavenly happiness for him!

In the composing of the song “Wasurenaide”, Jaejoong thought through the whole meaning of the song in Japanese before writing the lyrics in Japanese.

(This probably means that he did not think through the meaning of the song in Korean, but instead chose to think in the Japanese perspective)

Changmin, who gives people an impression of being steady and earnest, will become very chatty when he becomes drunk, and laugh uncontrollably.

Yunho likes to travel, and the place he wants to go to most right now is Las Vegas.

Credits: 日博, 森森@baidu
Trans: shaine@sweetfig
shared by: dbsknights + fanaholic@wordpress
Please take out with Full Credits.

haha a penguin Junsu??? Is it disturbing that I can imagine it? 😀

Bonus Pics (also translated as ‘I don’t want to start a new entry’ pics ^^)

The alcohol secrets duo~ I don’t need alcohol to get high – just a dose of Changmin will do:)

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SuMinJae for BigEast. Looks like fun ~

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