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The Dream Begins!

The highly anticipated drama series Dream has been released! Youtube has unsubbed episodes 1 & 2 while mysoju has episode 1 up english subbed XD I’ll have the first parts of the unsubbed ep 1 and 2 as teasers and so you can double click to go to the following parts kay 😀


The plot follows the lives of a sports agent and K-1 fighters (K-1 is a MMA league with a notable amount of asian fighters).

Joo Jin Mo expressed his feelings on the drama at a press conference last week:

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Kim Bum’s Dream

SBS Dream is a story about a youth, Lee Jang Suk (Kim Bum) who spent time in a juvenile detention center for picking pockets, and his journey to be a top boxer after he was released, with the help of a sports agent, Nam Jae Yul (Joo Jin Mo). The drama has been claimed by sections of the media as the Korean version of Jerry Maguire although the plot of Dream is nothing like it. Many scenes of topless guys guaranteed. 

Dream will debut on 27th July and filming had already begun on 18th June

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