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JYP On Jay’s Return – At Golden Fishery Vid

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see JYP is NOT an ass unlike youknowwho. Give Jay space and in the meantime support 2PM if you like them as artistes. In any case, JYP is also in communication with Jay to see if he wants to attend MAMA with 2PM on the 21st so just you know, have faith 🙂



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2PM’s Comeback Is Right On Track!

YAY! Thanks to all 2PM fans who’ve been supporting their comeback! 😀 2PM + JYP FIGHTING:)

1. Heartbeat 2. I Was Crazy For You 3. Getting Tired Waiting

The beastly idol group 2PM’s first official album’s title track ‘Heartbeat’ is sweeping the kpop charts.
On the 10th, music site ‘Monkey3′ showed that ‘Heartbeat’ immediately took first rank the minute of its reveal. Many are showing attention to this feat as 2PM has yet to hold their official comeback stage and managed to land such a high place on the chart.

Not only ‘Heartbeat’ but ‘Tired of Waiting’ and ‘I was crazy for you’ have also been holding their solidified positions in the charts upon reveal, making many express feelings of amazement.
Monkey3 stated “With the revealing of the first two tracks, many have been anticipating 2PM’s first album. It seems as if 2PM will be resurrecting the popularity of boy bands once again.”
‘Heartbeat’ is a track with an addictive hook and an old school style rap that also adds in an orchestra, creating a dynamic track produced by Park Jinyoung.
2PM will be holding their comeback on the 13th at 6:40PM on KBS 2TV’s ‘Music Bank.’

Credit: MYDAILY + hazyfiasco@2ONEDAY + sookyeong
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2PM: Jay Might Come Back?

Finally som sliver of clear skies in Kpop 🙂

On the upcoming episode of MBC’s Golden Fishery set to air on the 11th, JYP carefully brought up Jaebeom and hinted about his return to 2PM.

JYP Entertainment stated:

“We slightly touched upon Jaebeom’s possible return, JYP’s statement can be considered another step in that direction. But it is not set in stone. However, this should at least answer fans’ confusion and clear up the situation a bit.”

Although the details of the full episode have not been revealed yet, it is hinting at the fact that JYP is actively pursuing and anticipating Jaebeom’s return. This is also the first timethat JYP has spoken on this issue.


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yay jay and jyp and 2pm. jyp is so unlike somesatan else.


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JYP Speaks Out On Jaebom’s Exit

JYP has finally released an official statement on what has unfortunately happened in the past few days:

Here’s what he had to say:

JaeBeom’s exit from 2PM was sad for everyone.

Park Jin Young revealed on the 10th on JYP Entertainment’s homepage the reasons he debuted Park JaeBeom and why he took JaeBeom into JYP. Park Jin Young expressed his grief for what happened with the recent controversy surrounding 2PM’s leader.

JYP proposed that 4 years ago, a troubled youth (Jaebeom) was met by music and was transformed. He also suggested that, “just as things were turning for the bright side, Jaebeom’s online posts from his rebellious years unfortunately surfaced. He was extremely regretful and sorry to his 2PM members, to me, to the company wokers, to the fans, and most of all to the Korean people who had received him so warmly. He believed that if he hesitated making a decision, the fans would turn their anger to the other 2PM members as well. Even more, the current situation made it impossible to perform on stage.”

In Jaebeom’s last email he wrote, “I was really a punk with no respect back right? I’m sorry. Because of you, my view on life has changed so much. I’ve become a stronger person and a much better person. Thank you so much.”

JYP said about the letter, “The pain is ripping. It hurts. But, I knew what Koreans would think of his words (in the past). They would feel betrayed. I could not say anything in his defense.” 
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