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Are You A Good…Chicken?!

SME released an official MV of Are You A Good Girl. Personally the question I wanna ask is Who’s Free To Go Riot Outside SME With Me?…I find that they are totally treating DBSK like a thing coz they recently trademarked DBSK’s name or something and now they’re just throwing some clips together and trying to pacify Cassies who he must know ARE NOT DUMB. Mannn~It’s like a fanmade MV only fanmade MVs are made out of love for DBSK while SM’s MVS are made out of his black and greedy little stone heart.

Credit: farahmicky8@YT

In more amusing news:

Here’s pics of Yunho in a chicken suit! haha!It’s some stalker shots of him shooting for his drama ‘Heading to the Ground’

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Max Changmin, Chosen as Main Character in drama “Paradise Meadow”

A Samhwa Networks and SM Entertainment Joint Collaboration

Popular group TVXQ’s Max Changmin (21) has been chosen as the main character of the drama “Paradise Meadow.”(파라다이스 목장)

Having produced dramas like “Mom is Mad” and “First Wives Club”, Samhwa Networks come together with SM Entertainment to co-produce the drama “Paradise Meadow”, and it has been made known on the 28th that Max Changmin has been casted as the main character.

“First Shop of Coffee Prince’s” Jang Hyun Joo and “Into the Sun’s” Suh Hee Jung co-write “Paradise Meadow” as a romantic melodrama. They start shooting next month at Jeju Island.

Samhwa Networks says, “It is a bright and light story, with beautiful music that harmonizes with the melo picture, and at the end of the year, we will start to broadcast the program in Japan and South East Asia.”

credit: Naver News + translation by squeaky
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