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Nissen Cafe Special Interview – Vol. 9 Tohoshinki

Having concluded the tour that was attended by 250,000 people, Tohoshinki speaks about their dreams from this point on.

Hop, step, jump, then leap. 2008 was the year that they jumped. All the singles that they released became number one on the charts, and also appeared on Kōhaku Uta Gassen at the end of the year. Although they were already top artistes in Korea, when they debuted in Japan in 2005, they could not really converse in Japanese, and also started out from scratch from doing small events. Tohoshinki, who jumped in their third year, took a giant leap forward on their forth anniversary, and became artistes that could draw forth 250,000 people for their Arena Tour, which included a 2-days Live at the Tokyo Dome.

–Since your Japan debut in 2005, you must have endured a lot of hardship. Since you’re currently on tour (at time of interview), what kind of growth do you feel you’ve made for the Lives? Also, please tell us the highlights of the tour.

Jejung: As expected, when it comes to hardships, it was the Japanese language. At that time, when we came to Japan we didn’t know the words, and it was very frustrating as we were unable to communicate. Being able to speak Japanese now, we can start to share our thoughts by using our own words. Being active in Japan, every year I see the tour venues get bigger and bigger, it makes me think “We’re growing slowly”. The highlight of the tour is Junsu, because he got hurt.
※Junsu hurt his foot the day before the Tour began, and the performances of the first half of the tour’s Lives were changed.

Changmin: In 2007, when we had a Live at Budokan, a sacred place for all artistes, we were profoundly and deeply moved. We really felt everyone’s power and the feeling to “Work harder” significantly increased. For the tour this time, from dance songs to ballads, Tohoshinki will present a larger variety of performances than you can imagine! For the Final in Tokyo Dome, the stage is so much bigger, so you’ll be able to see a special performance.
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