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Congrats! 2AM Wins First No.1 On Inkigayo

WOOTS! 2AM FIGHTING!!! 😀 Well-deserved win 🙂

bingeul bingeul bingeul bingeul~~! Catchayyyye~hehe

oohhh~dramatic intro. love the violin. pretty stage 😀

The One Man! I miss XMan…

fast becoming a fav of mine this song:)

credit: bwmow4@YT



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2AM’s Back and They’ll Never Let Go

credit: bwmow5@YT

wow elaborate set much. awesomeeee song. has been on replay on my ipod since i first listened to the full song!

though it’s kinda creepy if someone doesn’t want to let go even if THEY die. like they’d be around? in non-hman form?? haha~ anyways, epic perf! 😀

credit: hottestblackjackvip@YT

the MV!


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