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090621 Yunho’s Thank You mail from Nagoya

Thank you email (YUNHO)

I want to say many thanks to all of you in Nagoya.

All local live stages has finally ended well today

It feels just like yesterday when we began the tour

Time surely passes very quickly T T

Everyone at the last day performance in Nagoya
you were all laughing together and we’re all so happy

Thank you really\(^^)

Now the remaining stages are the DOME stages~
The whole members and crews combine efforts together

Til the very end, we’ll work hard

Thank you.

from YUNHO

source: tohomobile
credits: yukabon’s room
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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090621 THSK TSC tour Staffs’ Report-Nagoya final day

We’re off!
2009/06/21(Sun) 16:06

The last day in Nagoya!
After a good cheer, we’re off!

Before the performance…
2009/06/21(Sun) 15:41

Junsu is taping his foot while Yunho is checking the video of the dance part.

2009/06/21(Sun) 15:34

The band members and Tohoshinki dancers have united (laugh).

2009/06/21(Sun) 14:51
Yunho in the dressing room…

…putting in a lot of effort in thinking of what to say in his thank you mail!

More here

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090620 THSK Staff Report-Nagoya Day 2 After the concert

■ after the end …
2009/06/20 (Sat) 23:12

BeeTV MooLog video shoot!
Do not forget to check us ♪



Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN + staffreport

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090620 Changmin’s Thank You Mail from Nagoya

Thank You Email (Changmin)

Many thanks to you in Nagoya!

I’m Changmin!

The weather was humid today

Did everyone enjoy the LIVE?

As for me, eventhough it’s hot, but the power was increasing

(I got more power after eating hitsumabushi yesterday)

Going around the region and doing live, I’m so enjoying it

But tomorrow is the last day live at this region, I wish it could be longer

It’s lonely (T T)

So tomorrow we’ll do it cheerfully

May I ask for your support again…

Thanks ~


source: tohomobile
credits: yukabon’s room + sharingyoochun@wordpress
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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090620 THSK TSC Staff Update Nagoya Day 2

■ Nagoya 2nd day!

2009/06/20 (Sat) 18:06

Let’s be Energized today! ! !

■ doze …
2009/06/20 (Sat) 17:50

It’s really soon! (Concert)

■ After the rehearsal …

2009/06/20 (Sat) 16:29

Chang Min is in the massage!

■ Drummer ☆
2009/06/20 (Sat) 16:26

Tour from the band TVXQ, TAKAO’s drum!
Comments from the teacher’s YUNHO!
We offer a hot live!,
Even before, I learned the rhythm of the JEJUNG ☆

■ OIRA …
2009/06/20 (Sat) 15:43

Drummer ♪
After the rehearsal, YUNHO is keen to drum!

■ Nagoya 2nd day!
2009/06/20 (Sat) 15:08

Members entered the hall, is being rehearsed ♪

Yesterday, the long-sought “bright inevitability” members ate!
It is full blast ☆
Let’s live and hot today!

Credits: DBSKnights + staffreport

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090619 Avex CEO Matsuura Blog Update

Start the Nagoya concert!

More about TVXQ 4th live tour,

3 last days of Arena concert at Nagoya started!

The feeling is renewed

The first day response at Nagoya was so great!

After the performance, given by some people

They’re eating the famous speciality of Nagoya

Take a look the picture ↓

Keep fighting for the weekend performance!

And when we finished the days in Nagoya,

we’re heading up to the first 2 days of DOME!

Also we’re approaching the date of new single release, July 1st

It’s so fun!

source: CEO Matsuura
credits: xiahyu-ri + sharingyoochun@wordpress
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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090618 The Secret Code Tour Staffs’ Report – Nagoya

2009/06/18(Thu) 22:07

After the performance….

Taking picture with Nagoya’s famous tenmusu (shrimp tenpura) and imayoukan (sweet potato paste)!

Nagoya the first day, Cheers for the good work ~ ♪

2009/06/18(Thu) 18:39

Just before performance..

YUCHON was gathering concentration!

2009/06/18(Thu) 17:23

During the massage…

YUNHO was checking the video of previous LIVE performance!

2009/06/18(Thu) 16:18

To continue…

The dancers were carefully checking their positions on stage as well.

YUNHO is hyped up!

2009/06/18(Thu) 16:09

During the rehearsal!

Jaejoong and Junsu have requested for the staff to check closely the sound coming from monitor!

2009/06/18(Thu) 15:45

Entering the venue…

Junsu got a massage straightaway!

2009/06/18(Thu) 15:05

Opening in Nagoya!

Today is the opening concert in Nagoya!

This is the destination of final performance.

Let’s rock it up!

credit: toho site
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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