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SS501 – Love Ya MV

I’m slow again!

credits: DSPentert@yt

Fierce, dark, guyliner…. I LIKE.


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Epik High’s Run

credit: woolliment@YT

WAOW!Epik MV 😀

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Stopping Time With Tohoshinki

YAY! Teaser of their MV has been released. Listening to their songs when the going gets tough is the best medicine! 😀 I heard their rivals NEWS even had to delay their single release to avoid a clash with TVXQ on Oricon.

credit: dongbang123@YT

the full song & lyrics:)

credit: dirah9310@YT

Tohoshinki – Toki wo Tomete [Please Stop Time]

Isogu you ni
As if being in a hurry

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Ukiss Bingeul Bingeul On Music Bank + MV

ahhh i finally found out whaddeheck is bingeul bingeul…coz it was trending on twitter and I was like..whuuuuutttt?? haha 🙂

credit: lubli0tunez@YT

credit: dkpopnews11@YT

for a song that has so much autotune..i think they put on a great live perf 🙂


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DBSK ~[Official] Picture of You MV~

credits: yuulinaboojaejoong

Omg!!! I was freaking out when I saw this!!! I love love love Yoochun in here!!! The five of them looked so happy in the video, really hope everything will turn out for the best 🙂 and just before I saw the MV I was watching Yoochun in Rainbow Romance and look at what I noticed:

It’s from episode 4 if anyone is interested in watching^^ and judging from his hair in the show, it’s around rising sun period!

And here’s Yoochun to remind us to Always Keep The Faith!


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DBSK- Are u a good girl? MV [Official]

It’s just made up of clips from their Mirotic concert.

credits: Castorpollux @dnbn + farahmicky8


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