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100731 SHINee @ Music Core

credits: GarakHolic2@yt

I love this perf! Cause Jonghyun looks GOOD!


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100724 SHINee Comeback stage & SuJu Goodbye stage@ MusicCore

SHINee’s Comeback stage

credits: GarakHolic2@yt

First off, let me cry about Jonghyun, I STILL HATE HIS HAIR. Also, am I the only one who doesn’t like his exposed back? I like his biceps though XD OK, now that I got that over with, everyone’s hair is looking better and better! Especially Key’s and Onew’s! I found the ending of Up & Down a tad bit messy here (I super love Key’s ‘Hey baby!’ though) and I somehow enjoyed yesterday’s perf more than today’s. Maybe the excitement from ytd died down. I like yesterday’s clothes more too, oh well there’s still Inkigayo! and I usually love Inkigayo perfs a lot:)

Suju’s Goodbye stage

credits: GarakHolic2@yt

I liked their perfs but I’m kinda sad that it’s their Goodbye stage. As compared to last year’s goodbye stage, the group is smaller and I hope we’ll get to see a complete Suju soon! It will probably take a while though, with Kangin in the army, and Hangeng… and what about Kibum?? Is he coming back??



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SS501 Comeback!

@music bank 100604

credits: littlebean

@music core 100605

credits: CrazyCarrot250@yt

SS501’s comeback! I loved loved loved their last comeback song, ‘Love like this’ sooo much ❤ Love ya is pretty catchy too but I'm not addicted to it just yet. I'm sure I will soon though!


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100515 Super Junior Comeback@ Music Core

credits: CrazyCarrot220

I don’t really like their outfits for music core and I feel that they sounded better yesterday at Music Bank. Is it because of the mics? Sungmin’s outift with the cropped pants didn’t agree with me at all 😦 but I liked Heechul’s style. I think I like his style out of the whole band for this comeback 🙂 And Ee teuk buttoned up today! also I prefer Siwon’s hair here compared to the MV! not so greasy XD Ohhh! and I spot evidence of Ryeowook working out! @2:53


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Music Core Wraps Up 09

2009 has been…hmmmm~ mixed. but it got really rotten in the back half not just in kpop but personally for me too. but heck life goes on. here’s hoping for better days in 2010 for everyone 😀

can i just say how much i love this song? and to think i was gonna jump on the STAND bandwagon not too long ago haha~ what can change in a matter of time huh~ and i ADORE taeyeon’s hair. have half a mind to get mine done that way too haha

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091212 Music Core Perfs (2PM, BEAST, MBLAQ, SHINee, JYP)

[ENG SUB] 2PM – Clean Song / 10 points out of 10

credits: xbaybiieglamax3@yt

2PM- Heartbeat

credits: xbaybiieglamax3@yt

BEAST – Mystery

credits: bwmow4@yt


credits: absolutemblaq@yt

SHINee – JoJo

credits: Msjoanne93@yt

JYP- No Love No More

credits: bwmow4@yt


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091205 Music Core Jeju island Special Stage

Edit: Added SHINee, BEG & SNSD’s Gee

woots! outdoor live! but the poor fans are kinda wayyyy far far awayyy from the stage looks like 😀

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092811 Music Core

credit: bwmow4@YT


She’s not a regular feature on fanaholic but I think her vocals are soooo POWERRRRR

Another non-regular here but I got kinda stuck on this song heh~ though I think their style is abit different from the rest like it’s more Mando or is it C-Pop? Than Kpop…if there ever is a difference hehe

credit: codemonmonseason5@YT


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2PM Set Hearts Ablaze on Music Core + Inkigayo

nyehehe i’m late with the update but been swamped the whole weekend. anyways this is for those who hadn’t caught it yet and also just so it’d be in our archives (fingers crossed the YT accounts don’t get suspended :D)


ohhh but i so love this inkigayo intro. so awesome that they break through..ummm ice? coz glass would be dangerous..? taec’s expression was uber beastlayyyeeee XD

credit: sanakujira@YT

credit: bwmow3@YT

and yeah inkigayo peeps have released an official apology for the muffled performance. so yeah. save the pitchforks. 🙂


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Music Core Highlights

i super super super love this song 😀

i find this song + perf oddly hypnotic @____@ heh

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