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101001 SHINee Comeback @Music Bank- Hello

It’s a different concept from Lucifer and I like their look but I have to say the song is just ok to me. I may like it more in the future, but for now I’m not addicted to it.

I like Jonghyun’s and Onew’s style here! but Key… it’s not my favorite outfit from him, his hair tho is :). Taemin has more parts to sing and even Minho gets to sing! which I was like OMG Minho! And they are growing up! Esp Minho, he’s becoming such a MAN. I remember in their earlier days, they wore suits and it didn’t really suit them.. but now WOW. Really proud of them for what they have achieved in 2 years! So much more confident in their performances, esp Baby Taemin. Soon, he’ll be all grown up XD

credits: UnknownCarrot160@yt

I know I haven’t been updating much… to be honest, I haven’t been keeping up much with Kpop. Sure, I still know when my favorite bands have new songs but I have to say, I haven’t been able to make myself interested in the newer bands. I hope I get my spark for Kpop back…


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100730 SHINee @ Music Bank

Lucifer Performance

credits: romeo2juliette@yt

Better hair & clothes!!! Whee~ AND THEY WON NUMBER ONE!!! GO SHINEE!


credits: yootinaa@yt


credits: kechykahhh@yt


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100723 SHINee Comeback stage & Super Junior Goodbye stage @ Music Bank

SHINee Comeback- Up & Down + Lucifer

credits: iibigbangfan@yt

Ok, I was really excited for their comeback and I enjoyed their comeback stage. Minho pls recover soon! I didn’t really like the style for Up & Down, I guess they were trying to go for the gangsta look. For Lucifer it was pretty much the same style as seen in the MV and I was LOLing at Minho making all those ‘looks of charisma’. I was wowing at the size of his arm during Up & Down though. It made me forget for a moment that he’s 2years younger than me (Yes I’m the typical noona fan that SHINee was initially marketed towards XD). I prefered Onew’s hair here than compared to the video, no more center parting! Taemin looks as good in both 🙂 but I think he stands out more in the MV than here.

For my top two: Key and Jonghyun, I preferred Key’s hair alot more than Jjong. Even though Key’s hair is more daring than Jjong, I think he can really work it. He’s just so full of confidence! I remember freaking out when I first saw Key’s teaser pic, but now the more I see him, the better he gets. Now, I feel really sad about what I am going to type next: Ever since the MV came out, I tried really really hard to like Jjong’s look cause he’s my favorite member but I can’t like it. I’m just not feeling his hair! I would prefer it if his forehead wasn’t so exposed! I really want to be all smiley and happy when the camera focuses on him but I just can’t! I hope he gets a better style soon!

Super Junior Goodbye Stage- Bonamana

credits: SuperAngelwithoutwin@yt

I love this perf! Everyone looks so happy and I think they had fun on stage:) I spied some EunHae at the start (0:11) too! AND you gotta love Ee teuk for congratulating SHINee on their comback at around 1:15. I haven’t been revising my Korean lately, but I think he said something along the lines of “Have you been waiting long? Congratulations on SHINee’s comeback, Fighting!” OH This is me being random but is Heechul not blond anymore or am I slow on this???

AND here’s a bonus!

credits: minhhoa310@yt

I have to admit when I saw Onew here, he reminded me of a character in One Piece… I’m sure if you have watched One Piece before, you will get what I mean XD I mean no harm here. I love SHINee & One Piece!


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100709 Super Junior- No Other @ Music Bank

credits: SuJuTV2@yt

They won!!!!

I have to say I really do love this song:) It’s a definite mood-lifter and can bring a smile to anyone’s face. I’m a little confused about this performance though, cause if I’m not mistaken, Siwon didn’t sing his part? or was it cut off??

I haven’t been following music bank or any music shows lately and have been lagging behind kpop and fandom updates. I miss it! The debuts of new groups, the excitement over comebacks, variety show madness, etc. I really do hope I can find the time to be a fangirl again. I miss all my fandoms so much!


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SS501 Comeback!

@music bank 100604

credits: littlebean

@music core 100605

credits: CrazyCarrot250@yt

SS501’s comeback! I loved loved loved their last comeback song, ‘Love like this’ sooo much ❤ Love ya is pretty catchy too but I'm not addicted to it just yet. I'm sure I will soon though!


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100514 Super Junior Comeback on Music Bank

Boom Boom

credits: s0shikim@yt

I’m not a big fan of this song yet but it sounds very sm XD


credits: MrsHeoYS

First live perf! I can totally feel the energy esp with the fans cheering! I can’t help but notice Siwon during the start. I was totally loling at his face! Suju is always so entertaining^^


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2PM’s Comeback on Music Bank and Inkigayo (1st & 2nd May 2010)

I’ve been waiting so long for their Inki comeback coz i dunno their Inki live perfs were always so fancy but I think the rain at Music Bank owns the Inki perfs this time hehe…

credit: unknowncarrot300 & unknowncarrot110@YT


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SNSD Wins On Music Bank With Oh!

credit: monmonsnowHD@YT

i prefer this live perf to the MV..somehow it sounds better 😀


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Ukiss Bingeul Bingeul On Music Bank + MV

ahhh i finally found out whaddeheck is bingeul bingeul…coz it was trending on twitter and I was like..whuuuuutttt?? haha 🙂

credit: lubli0tunez@YT

credit: dkpopnews11@YT

for a song that has so much autotune..i think they put on a great live perf 🙂


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2PM & Shinee Goodbye Stage On Music Bank

credit: yootinaa@YT

credit: twoonedaystream@YT

credit: chriscorpius6@YT

i’m already ecstatic about 2pm’s next slated album release in april. would be a nice end of sem present teehee~ I think Tired of Waiting is really tough to sing live coz it’s real fast and has alotta autotune…but from their earlier perfs of this song esp around the time of the end of year awards perfs I think they’ve come to sing it pretty well :D…here’s hoping the next 2PM comeback will be back to 7 😀


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