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MAMA Wants Jaebum

Fans have expressed their curiousity as to whether 2PM will be performing at MAMA, especially since 2PM has been revealed to be releasing their album mid November.

The MAMA staff met with Newsen and discussed their plans and desires to stand Jaebum on the 2009 MAMA stage. The producer stated “We have been expressing our opinions with JYPE. If further action is needed, I would like to invite Jaebum from America. 2PM is this year’s most anticipated guest and Jaebum was with them for all of their activities. Should 2PM receive an award this year, I believe it is only definite that Jaebum should stand on stage and receive that award also.”

He went on to state “I will work and try my best to make sure that everyone can see Jaebum on the 2009 MAMA stage.”

2PM member JaeBum’s stage performing costume has fetched a high price of 6.1 million KRW at a star charity sales, gaining the attention of many netizens.

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(Eng Sub) MKMF DBSK Rehearsal

Part 1

Credits: Eternalmerkamoon4
Shared by: DBSKnights


credits: xiahking + eternalmerkamoon4

I was watching this without subs yesterday and spent the whole time staring at the way Yoochun talks XD AND Yes, Janice this is the rehearsal thing that I told you I was watching yesterday, the one that I said was so distracting. I admit I am a pervert for staring at his lips the whole time, but hey you are pervy too, what with the whole Jaejoong’s muscles thing XD


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DBSK in MKMF 2008 photobook

I wonder where I can get this…
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