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Cassie Entries In Seoul Dream Contest

well…in light of the previous bit of news, thought I’d share this one too.DBSK fans elsewhere in the world, and hope they do well in the contest! DBSK + Cassies Keep the faith! 😀

credit: idkmybffyoochun@YT

omggg lovedddd itttt XD

credit: squintysquintz@YT

wahh this one’s pretty cool too 😀

credit: darkcinderellaisabel@YT

dang i wish i could play a musical instrument. so jealousss of all of them *___*

just to add..i thought this was really touching…

credit: phutran1981vnn2@YT

haishhhh~ what a rollercoaster ride for DBSK + Cassies so much controversy in so little time. At DBSKnights it was stated that Cassies are not 800 000 anymore but like 797821…like…why? did some fans die? Or did their faith die? hmmm ordidtheygetassasinatedbySMforprotestingtoomuch? anyways…that’s only in Korea right..I’m under the impression though, that the no. of international fans are growing…In whatever case, several or few, the Cassies left standing will support DBSK forevaaaa am I right? XD

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AADBSK3 Videos Part 3

Here’s some member’s solos for Mirotic and Wrong Number. 

credit: appkjj + uknowlovely 

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The Royal Pirates Rock KPop!

they are pretty amazing. i think someone told me before that they were good but coz they looked like those emo bands  i kinda just took no notice. But now i think they ARE good XD hehe

SNSD – Tell Me Your Wish

2PM – Again & Again + I Hate You

DBSK – Mirotic

Super Junior – Sorry Sorry

Credit: fadingfromdawn @ YT

Go check them out. There’s a download link at their channel

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Introducing Chibikko Tohoshinki

Was browsing allkpop when i came across this super cute Japanese DBSK fanboy! XD

Here’s two vids showing him dancing to STW & Mirotic :

Credit: 1takahiko10@YT

I love the mirotic one to bits haha but his parents better be prepared to get him glasses real soon hehe~

There was also some info shared about ‘Chibikko Tohoshinki’:

First name: Kousei
Favorite members: Jaejoong and Changmin (soulfighter! XD)
Interests: Tohoshinki, Eating, Legos 
Favorite Songs: Summer Dream, Rising Sun, Somebody To Love

Source: samlet@allkpop
Shared by: fanaholic@wordpress

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Mirotic remix by Masamixes

Remember THIS POST?

Another one from Masmixes! It’s a Mirotic one^^

credits: mmixes
Shared by: DBSKnights + fanaholic


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YooSu Fancams At Mirotic Bangkok

Credit: koopkipzii@YT

Credit: mischieviousxiah@YT

Shared by: fanaholic@wordpress


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DBSK Mirotic Bangkok Part 2

Source: 믹블랙 @DNBN + pingbook

Shared by: fanaholic@wordpress

YAY DBSK fans! So efficient with the pics uploading haha XD

SuHoMin! ^^

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