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Happy Birthday Micky Yoochun!

I know things aren’t looking that bright for DBSK, but I hope that no matter what happens, it won’t be the end of their careers. I’m glad Micky is going into different areas such as acting but I hope he will return singing/song writing soon because that’s why I loved him in the first place:)

Happy Birthday Micky!

credits: farahmicky8@yt


Always keep the faith

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Best of Park Yoochun

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TVXQ 6th Anniversary Wallpapers!

I haven’t been so generous with these in so long. since it’s tvxq day i’ll be a good girl and share 😀

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Happy Birthday Denise

Well actually it’s kinda belated by a few hours but anyways better late than never right? hehe 😀

hope you’re doing well in australia and see ya soon in SG 🙂 don’t stress out so much and fangirl more! may there be better news about dbsk and 2pm to facilitate the fangirling 😀

meanwhile, some videos to share

Credit: xchibimeehx@YT

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More JaeChun At Music Fair Pics

Credits: Dipsy

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JaeChun Colours CD + DVD Pics

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Micky’s Cyworld Updates + JaeChun Shelter Fanmade MV


i miss DBSK too TT___TT (and 2pm for that matter. september has been rotten)

Source : Yoochun’s Cyworld
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