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[TRANS] 090812 ‘Paradise Ranch’ Female Lead Chosen

Samhwa Networks stated that their contract with SM regarding a joint-drama production has been finalized on the 12th.
The title of the drama is ‘Paradise Ranch’ and their will be 20 episodes in total, each 70 minutes long. The main characters will be played by Choikang Changmin and Lee Yeonhui and shooting will begin later this month and end late November.

Source: [money today + DNBN]
Translation credits: jeeelim5@iscreamshinki.net
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JaeChunSu against SM Ent – Lawsuit part 1

O M O N A ! ! !

Rumours are spreading around like wildfire that TVXQ are gonna S P L I T due to disagreements with SMEnt regarding the ‘slave contracts’ that TVXQ are stuck in, which entitles 80% of earnings to SMEnt and 20% to be divided among the 5 members. Junsu, JJ and Micky are especially actively filing lawsuits after the incidents of SMEnt meddling with their investments in CreBeau and alleged incidents of Junsu being ‘bullied’ by SMEnt heavyweights when his father got involved in a lawsuit against SMEnt as well. There are also rumours that because Changmin and Yunho are not currently filing lawsuits, that there is also a rift within TVXQ itself, hence the rumours of a S P L I T . ALTHOUGH….other sources say that Yunho and Changmin have also previously wanted to quit SM but were bound by contract, and now that these ‘slave contracts’ are illegal in South Korea, they may seek to file lawsuits too.

PHEW~ This whole thing is insane! But I guess there’s not much we can do but to wait and see how things develop. And pray pray prayyyy that they win a lawsuit and transfer to a better company TOGETHER. hehe XD hope and prayer is always good right? DBSK FIGHTING!!! 


Lee Soo Man the @#$%^&* of SMEnt.

Because this is just me rambling in a nutshell about what’s going on, you can also check out More Info On the TVXQ VS SMEnt Saga here to get a better picture.

Source: allkpop

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B-Pass Order in which celebrities can swim -#4 Changmin

This month’s topic:

[The celebrity who can always track-water in a swimming pool]

#2 Seiji Ogura 小倉誠司 (flumpool)
#3 YAMATO (Orange Range)
#4 Changmin
#5 遊助 (Yusuke?)

Source: neverend-scm.com
Translation: jaesarng @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Shared by: DBSKnights
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Nikkan Sports – Changmin

Credit: DBSKnights
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Max Changmin, Chosen as Main Character in drama “Paradise Meadow”

A Samhwa Networks and SM Entertainment Joint Collaboration

Popular group TVXQ’s Max Changmin (21) has been chosen as the main character of the drama “Paradise Meadow.”(파라다이스 목장)

Having produced dramas like “Mom is Mad” and “First Wives Club”, Samhwa Networks come together with SM Entertainment to co-produce the drama “Paradise Meadow”, and it has been made known on the 28th that Max Changmin has been casted as the main character.

“First Shop of Coffee Prince’s” Jang Hyun Joo and “Into the Sun’s” Suh Hee Jung co-write “Paradise Meadow” as a romantic melodrama. They start shooting next month at Jeju Island.

Samhwa Networks says, “It is a bright and light story, with beautiful music that harmonizes with the melo picture, and at the end of the year, we will start to broadcast the program in Japan and South East Asia.”

credit: Naver News + translation by squeaky
shared by:dbsknights + fanaholic



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Why we love DBSK

I love this set of videos!!!

Micky Yoochun♥

Hero Jaejoong

U-know Yunho

Max Changmin

Xiah Junsu

credits: wenlinahbe + Credits to those who own some of the videos used in this video! credits given at the end of the video.


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090726 UFO Replies From JaeMin

Fan: Although I really want to master Japanese, but…. Tell me how to master Japanese~ I want to be able to speak Japanese as fluently as TVXQ.
JJ: You can watch Japanese dramas, and the best method is to communicate with Japanese people

Fan: If Oppas sang us lullabies, I’d fall asleep really quickly
JJ: Sleep well~ My children~ (T/N: Jae singing a lullaby)

Fan: Imagining Jaejoong in a suit, it must be difficult for the people who witness such a beautiful sight, yes?
JJ: Why is it that you don’t see my heart, that is searching for you? TT

Fan: Jaejoong-oppa. Can’t I call you “Jaejoong-ah”?
JJ: Yeah, you can’t! Kekeke. Let’s go to sleep now together! Let’s dream together? ^^?

Fan: Oppa is mine
JJ: I belong to myself

Fan: Give me kimchi made by Kim Jaejoong! Oppa, I really want to eat kimchi made by Oppa!!
JJ: Although I’m very confident… ^^n You should buy the ingredients and come here^^

Fan: Still not replying your children’s messages after so long? I can drink soju too!!
JJ: Then drink! But, I’ve replied ^^!

Fan: Joongie, I’m here! Jaejoong-ah, where are you!!
JJ: Jaejoong is here!!

Fan: Is this a person, a doll or a spirit?
JJ: A person!! ^^

Fan: Oppas said before that if you got first on the Oricon charts, you’d rent an amusement park for all the fans, you must keep your promise~
JJ: We’ll really rent the amusement park^^! Until the day we get number one… AJA AJA~ ^^

Fan: If you see me at a big concert, you must shake hands with me
JJ: I got it, our little cutie.

Fan: Oppa, how about having a passionate night with me today?
JJ: I already have plans with Yunho

Fan: (Yunjae picture) Date, date, date~ Tell me honestly, you guys are dating, right?
JJ: I’m joking, you never know, we might be dating.

Fan: Jaejoong, Yunho is mine. Give me~~
JJ: But Yunho is a little expensive~~!

Fan: Please tell me who is the most handsome amongst the members
JJ: Ah~ I’m also hesitating on whether I should reply

Fan: Jaejae Oppa! My mom thought that TVXQ is a mixed group!
JJ: That’s a little out of the ordinary

Fan: If you go back to Japan right after the Asia Song Festival, when will you return? Do we still have to wait?
JJ: It’s good to have something to look forward to in future~!

Fan: Please give me a reply, just one
JJ: Really just this one reply?

Fan: Oppa, shall we escape out of the country?
JJ: Let’s go?

Fan: Changmin Oppa, are you still watching those stuff? (T/N: PORN! LOL)
CM: I don’t watch them anymore.

Fan: Oppa, if I get first in my level, let’s have a meal together.
CM: Let’s wait until you get it first then we’ll see.

Fan: Yunho Oppa! If you don’t reply my message, then you must marry me!
CM: Yunho-hyung, I saved your life.

Fan: I can’t express my feelings right now
CM: Then keep trying until you can express it (laugh)

Fan: What should I do to become taller?
CM: It depends on talent.

Fan: I want to become Yunho Oppa’s daughter
CM: This is not something you can do just because you want it

Fan: How was Oppa born? How are children born?
CM: Please learn from [Kusone Ahjumma’s beautiful children sex eduation] (T/N: A programme I think)
Fan: Tell me! I want to hear Oppa’s explanation
CM: Long-winded!!!

Fan: Say an “I love you” to me
CM: I’m not such an easy guy

Fan: I think I should have reply too (tears). If I send a few hundred, will I get a reply?
CM: You can try???

Fan: I belong to Changmin Oppa
CM: This is something that is not on my list of things I own

Fan: I miss you^^ (T/N: What follows is said in English, Japanese and Chinese) I love you.
CM: Your grasp of foreign language is good

Fan: Oppa, if the children are named ilranghae (1), eeranghae (2), samranghae (3), what would the name of the fourth child be?
CM: Saranghae (T/N: sounds the same as “I love you” in Korean)

Source: [东方神起全球中文网]
Translation credits: mandasoh@iscreamshinki.net
Shared by: iscreamshinki.net
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