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AVEX President’s Blog Update

a-nation Kumamoto

Today, the summer did START.

In the middle of trouble happened to recording agency

You must be worried a lot

In this entry, I shall do my apologize

I’d like to give more information regarding the case for you

However, for now I haven’t known the exact details of the case

Therefore I couldn’t afford you anymore information

Every year, we’re traveling to many different cities for a-nation

I always feel different exaltation feeling depending on the location
The selfishness to being joyful all by myself

Next arena is Ehime.

The place where we had such fond memory from last year

Everyone’s getting hype and defeated the hot weather. I’m looking forward to that.

source: Max Matsuura Blog
credit: dnbn
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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CEO Matsuura Blog Update‏

Tohoshinki’s Tokyo Dome and Tour Ended Safe and Sound!

Single Stand by U of Tohoshinki is doing good.

And after the concert was ended in Tokyo Dome with best seller,

Tour is finally determined to finish.

After four and half year in Japan, and is able to come to this spot..

We’re left with deep emotion

In the future, we expect a new evolution of them in rapid advance.

Let’s work hard!

source: CEO Matsuura blog
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
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Matsuura’s Blog Update

It was 1 am in the morning and Tohoshinki’s LIVE just ended.
Tohoshinki’s Tokyo Dome Concert, that night at 1 am, the fans of Tohoshinki were still very energetic.
There was an after party held at the the Tokyo Dome hotel next to the arena.
Although it was already 1 am, the fans were still appreciating the video clips of the LIVE while eating and drinking together.
Although this is the first time we’re trying this sort of after party, everyone was still very happy.
We hope for more of this in the future.

Source: [baidutvxq]
Translations: thesexy-orange@iscreamshinki
Please do not remove/add on any credits.
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090705 Matsuura’s Blog update- After Party

TVXQ LIVE after a late-night hours.

TVXQ’s performance at Tokyo Dome.
1:00 at night the day, fans of TVXQ,
It is still a big surge!

Next to the Tokyo Dome, Tokyo Dome Hotel,

Was designed as a travel tour, after-parties.

Despite a late night at the customer TVXQ fans,

LIVE while watching the video of the day, enjoy a drink and meal.

After such a party is the first time,

It looks like you’re enjoying.

We have a lot planned in the future.

(From the 1st day)
Credits: maxmatsuura
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090624 CEO Matsura Blog Update

Tohoshinki x BeeTV Collaboration

Saturday, July 4 Sunday, July 5, the last stage

The first live performance in DOME tour Tokyo,

and also on 7 / 1 the New Single “Stand by U” will be released

Tohoshinki continues to rise

They exercise everyday in order to gain more power.

In minutes, Tohoshinki has already surpassed 10,000 downloads for the new song

To see this explosive response, BeeTV provides a powerful collaboration.

Tohoshinki’s song, “Stand by U” in the beginning of August, is decided to be a theme song of BeeTV drama “Sweet Room”.

There will be 4 stories with 4 different leads

Narimiya Hiroki is casted as the lead role (T/N: for the first episode)

“Sweet Room” is planning to air on August 1st 2009 on BeeTV.
Tohoshinki’s song, “Stand by U” hopes to please you all.

source: Matsuura CEO Blog

trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress


More about Sweet Room:
Sweet Room” consists of 12 episodes with 5 minutes duration for each episode. There will be 4 stories with 4 different leads. That means 3 episodes (15 mins) for each story. The news article published this morning only talk mostly about Story #1 stars Narimiya Hiroki, titled “LAST LOVE” where Narimiya will have his first “serious” bed scene here XD Which means passionate kiss and nudity.

“Sweet Room” will broadcast on cellphones starting August, 1st. Story #1 “LAST LOVE” stars Narimiya Hiroki. Story #2 “BIRTHDAY” stars Mukai Osamu. Story #4 “ROOM SERVICE” stars Toyohara Kosuke. Only Story #3 has not been confirmed yet. Nothing has been revealed yet about Mukai’s episode plot or co-stars.

source: yahoo news

translations: yanie
shared by: sharingyoochun + DBSKnights + fanaholic@wordpress


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090619 Avex CEO Matsuura Blog Update

Start the Nagoya concert!

More about TVXQ 4th live tour,

3 last days of Arena concert at Nagoya started!

The feeling is renewed

The first day response at Nagoya was so great!

After the performance, given by some people

They’re eating the famous speciality of Nagoya

Take a look the picture ↓

Keep fighting for the weekend performance!

And when we finished the days in Nagoya,

we’re heading up to the first 2 days of DOME!

Also we’re approaching the date of new single release, July 1st

It’s so fun!

source: CEO Matsuura
credits: xiahyu-ri + sharingyoochun@wordpress
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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090604 Avex CEO Matsuura Blog Update

It’s Yoochun’s birthday

Dong Bang Shin Ki

Dong Bang Shin Ki’s Yoochun birthday is on June 4th

Before that day, we had magazine cover shoot, TV, and more professional activities done

At the end of the day, after all professional activities, within the company

Exactly at 12 past 1

the prop team and also management team altogether

Came with cake for Yoochun to celebrate!

And there, we took a lot of pictures!


Before the main character Yoochun came

Everyone already gathered to take picture of him

One Yoochun picture which is not uploaded here

Picturing his tongue appear, which was already deleted (laughs)

All the artist staffs,

Thank you for good effort!

source: CEO Matsuura blog
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

shared by: fanaholic@wordpress


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090517 Avex President Update-Sendai concert

Sendai concert TVXQ!

TVXQ tour of the mobilization of 250,000, third place.

Yesterday, today was the performance Hot House Super Arena Sendai!

We have many customers that came

It was a great upsurge.

JUNSU the foot is not yet completely Healed,

And It’ll recover a lot better, but little by little,

Still not been able to take part in the dance music.

“The more Chirimasu”

We tell to himself,

Looking at the state, the return

Since we aim,

We’re sorry lot, please.

I want the best tour continues!

Credits: MaxmatsuuraBlog + DBSKnights

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Matsuura’s blog update about upcoming PV

Tohoshinki, doing PV shooting for the new single.


This time, again Tohoshinki. Due to the prohibition to show anything in advance, I will only take photographs of the scenery.

The shooting of PV was shot in in the suburbs of Kanto.

From early in the morning, we already started shooting.

It was a very good weather outside.

It’s a long-term shooting,

The members had to take turns

such a tough job, but we tried hard.

I wonder if you know what (we did in) the picture is ?

We’re making fake raining.

The upcoming 28th single, Stand by U

Will be on sale July1st!

Following last year track

Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattan Darou?

a second song, which is so sorrowful!

With that, expectation is fired up.

At the official website, discography page

You can listen to preview of the songs.

source: matsuura blog
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
Shared by: fanaholic@wordpress

Can’t wait for the PV!!!


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090511 Avex CEO Matsuura’s blog update

TVXQ’s 2 Days Tour at Saitama Super Arena, Finished!

The last stage was the final one.

Live at Saitama Super Arena, was ended safely.

and Junsu’s leg is recovering well, yet

he still can’t dance a lot.

His leg ability is now getting to wider range from only moving to walking.

TVXQ are still the same 5 members.

They help each other to create a stage.

After they made performance at NHK last year,

they never stop appearing in TV broadcasts.

Tohoshinki’s popularity is rising a lot.

Because they have certain skills, thus they got all those attention.

At Saitama Super Arena, many people from media,

actors, and actresses who

come to see the concert.

Tohoshinki keep embaracing everyone

who give supports til the end.

Thank you.

About how the concert’s going, please visit

TOHOSHINKI MOBILE and for PC can visit

Special LIVE Tour official report site!

After this, Tohoshinki live in Sendai.

Please look forward to the stunning performance once more!

Meanwhile, for Tohoshinki’s latest updates

TVXQ Official site


2009-05-11 07:00:21

CEO Matsuura blog


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