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Cassie-Made Love Melody Plagiarized???


OHmyGawd. More controversy…

source: delacroix@allkpop

A person named Shin, who writes songs / music for a hobby, had posted a song titled “Cause I want you” on a song writing community on the web and was contacted by Soh, a Cassie who was involved in Love Melody project. Soh told Shin, “I came across this song and I love it. Do you mind if I use this song so I can give a little gift to TVXQ? We’re not doing it to make money.” Shin happily agreed to this, but a month later he found out that the song which copied the melody of his song was being sold online. What enraged him further was the fact that Cassies posted the songwriter as “Eun Hyun,” not giving any credit to Shin.

Shin contacted the Cassies who led this project, and said that he doesn’t care whether they sell the song for money or not, he just wanted himself listed as the songwriter. He contacted Soh and Soh responded by telling him not to falsely accuse Cassies, and even said “We revised the melody and it’s just sampling, why are you making such a big deal out of this” and “Go ahead and sue us, lets see who gets hurt.”

Love Melody has already been advertised as a song written and sung by Cassies and Shin has no doubt suffered damage from this situation. Will he be able to hear any word of apologies from the biggest and most powerful fan club in Korea? We’ll see but the song writer seems to want justice. With TVXQ going through so much drama, it seems their fan club can’t escape it as well.

wahhh~ “Go ahead and sue us, lets see who gets hurt.” I think that’s the kind of mentality SM would have and not DBSK. Isn’t this ironic. And the piano part of the song sounds like…cut and paste to me who’s not really familiar with wth ‘sampling’ is like if it’s not plagiarizing. Check it out at Allkpop. I think they should just write his name up in credits and apologize. Hinting that they might tap on Cassie strength to silence him is also just shameful and as a DBSK fan myself, I cannot say I’m with them on this one.


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