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Lee Min Ho Celebrates B’dae With Fans

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Lee Min Ho’s first fan meeting, ‘Minoz Happy Day Mini Concert’, attracted 4000 females from Korea, Japan, and Taiwan to Children’s Grand Park Dome. (Minoz is the name of his fan club.)

This was his first public appearance since receiving surgery at the beginning of the month to take out the metal rod in his leg, which was put in following a car accident in 2006. Although the metal rod didn’t present many problems in his daily life, it would have prevented him from taking on roles with action scenes; hence, he decided to get it removed. Lee recovered from the surgery more quickly than expected and was released from the hospital within a week.

For his fans, Lee Min Ho sang “My Everything”, his track off of the F4 Special Edition album. He passed out some plums and led some other activities with the audience as well.

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BOF Haptic Mission & Jap Mag Pics



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Continuation of BOF??

Well some of you have probably already found out but I just did (o.O <- slow). Anyways there is gonna some Special Edition Finale Musical Drama for BOF showing what happens to the main cast after 5 years (=.=),,, hmmm could be good or bad. Oh yeah KBS2TV is airing it today 19th May so all of you privileged people with cable can go watch it.

Anyway the underprivileged without cable like me can just always rely on good ol’ youtube and their chraitable uploaders XD. Here’s the Yi Jung and Woo Bin after story… 


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