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Kim Jong Min To ORD!

hahah i’m not actually very sure what ORD means but the guys in national service when they’re going to be released from prison camp here call it ORD-ing. So KJM is ORD-ing!!! Some of you may not care or know who he is…but he is one of my fav comedians so I thought I’d just celebrate a little bit his upcoming ORD 😀

YAYYYYYYYYYYYY! Finally some good news.


Kim Jong Min will be released from the army on 18th December as Trifecta Entertainment expressed, “We have received lots of invitations for him appear as a permanent cast on their variety shows. Many representatives have been in touch with us and it’s really scary because there’s a lot of them.”
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Kim Jong Min AWOL To Join Koyote


ahh!! I love Kim Jong Min! He’s so funny in here had to share this! And the song is pretty catchy! haha~

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