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You’re Really A Beautiful Boy-DUH?

have been super busy lately and I really am grateful to people who still read our blog. in anycase, if you haven’t caught this…it’s so funny! and cute! and wooyoung shirtless! haha~

credit: mellowgreenleaf@YT

lol lol~~


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091212 JaeChunSu Smile again fanmeeting

Credits: baby jaejoong + hey JJ + sunshinemicky + sudolphin + sweet_1226 + CY baby_0218
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credits: yuulinajae@yt

I really do hope next year will be a much happier for DBSK and Cassies. No more lawsuit, no more fights and no more awkwardness. DBSK should and will always remain as 5!

and also happy birthday to Onew from SHINee yesterday:)

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091207 DBSK’s JaeChunSu@ Gimpo airport back from Japan

I haven’t done this in forever, mainly because I have been so busy but also cause DBSK news have become so depressing to read, but I JUST had to post these pics up because Yoochun cut his hair. I know many fans like his new hair style, but I personally am not a fan of it. I love Yoochun to pieces (so don’t hate me) but this new look is not working for me. Oh well, one thing that comes with liking Yoochun is that I have to accept all his weird hairstyles and I guess this current one is considered normal at any standard. Excuse me while I go cry now *sobs*

Cheer up Jaejoong and keep healthy! He’s looking too skinny and pale.

credits: tvxqevent

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MAMA Wants Jaebum

Fans have expressed their curiousity as to whether 2PM will be performing at MAMA, especially since 2PM has been revealed to be releasing their album mid November.

The MAMA staff met with Newsen and discussed their plans and desires to stand Jaebum on the 2009 MAMA stage. The producer stated “We have been expressing our opinions with JYPE. If further action is needed, I would like to invite Jaebum from America. 2PM is this year’s most anticipated guest and Jaebum was with them for all of their activities. Should 2PM receive an award this year, I believe it is only definite that Jaebum should stand on stage and receive that award also.”

He went on to state “I will work and try my best to make sure that everyone can see Jaebum on the 2009 MAMA stage.”

2PM member JaeBum’s stage performing costume has fetched a high price of 6.1 million KRW at a star charity sales, gaining the attention of many netizens.

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Junsu Cellphone & Desktop Wallpapers

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2PM’s Jun Brothers A Supermodel Contest 2009

for once, thank go for fancams. 2PM needs to be on air!

Credit: saraa16bb@YT

Members JunSu and JunHo performed for 2009 Super Model Contest on 25th September in KyeongNam. They performed the songs ‘Only You’ and ‘Love’.

JunSu and JunHo said, “We are sorry we could not be as 7 members. But we are here to carry out the promise we made with everyone, and we hope that everyone will enjoy the performance.”

That day, over 5,000 audience turned up despite the rain and many were fans present to give support to JunHo and JunSu for their performance.

Source: as tagged + sookyeong

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