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The Kpop Guide to Keeping Warm in Winter

hahaha i’m so bored ๐Ÿ˜€ and cold. but after i heard these HAWT tunes i just melt ๐Ÿ˜€ (and TVXQ is back – somewhat ๐Ÿ˜€ it’s so beautiful to hear Changmin’s voice again ๐Ÿ˜€ – since all 5 are singing somewhere in the world I can imagine they’re all singing together :D:D:D – don’t no one tell me otherwise)

When the Door Closes – Doojoon & DongWoon (B2ST/Beast)

credit: renka1712@YT
One of the awesome things about Beast/B2ST is they are more true to the traditional lovey dovey/innocent-ish songs of the boybands of the ’90s and earlier. It’s all like I love you+You love me=happy or I love you – you love me= sad, so sweet. Compared to the more common contemporary songs with I wanna do you + You wanna do me = We may spread STDs/ I wanna do you X you don’t wanna do me = explicit content.
And DooJoon and DongWoon sing this by themselves! And they sound unbelievably awesome. Replaying X infinity ๐Ÿ˜€
(don’t know what’s with me and equations today ^^”)

Hot Times

credit: purplemyfav17@YT
HOT VOCALS. nuff said.
oh wait. imagine Xiah Junsu in this mix and we would all be in the Sahara.

Athena OST – TVXQ


Can’t wait for the Japanese show OST too. Sounds promising:

credit: 33misaki@YT


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SHINee- Jonghyun Concept Picture

Like the pose, but the hair…. I know he reverted back from blond to brown early this year, but I miss it!!!

Now, only Key’s left!

Credits: Sfinee + egloos + blueprincess824 @ Dkpopnews


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Happy Birthday Jonghyun!

One of my favorite people in K-pop:) I hope he had a great day today and can’t wait for their comeback!!! I just haven’t been into the kpop mood these days, none of my bias are doing promos!!!!


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Shinee Comeback Preview + Teasers

wahaha i brought a sackload of books to study in school and this is what i end up doing. sheesh. well they’re the only comeback i can look forward to and it really looks like a comeback to definitely anticipate. yowza taemin with short hair looks hawt. just a matter of fact opinion. not a paedophilic one hehe ๐Ÿ˜€

JUST ADDED. ” Jo Jo” Teaser.

And so their comeback single will be released on various online music sites on the 14th and their comeback album will follow on the 19th. Fans should also anticipate their comeback stage on the 16th of this month on Music Bank!

1. Y.O.U.(Year Of Us)
2. Ring Ding Dong
3. Jo Jo
4. Get Down
5. SHINee Girl
6. ๋‚ด๊ฐ€ ์‚ฌ๋ž‘ํ–ˆ๋˜ ์ด๋ฆ„

Audio Teasers

credit: dirah9032@YT

credit: weareshining01@YT

credit: myz0525@YT

credit: casshine@YT

New Image Pics! ๐Ÿ˜€


channeling BEG’s narsha?

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Find Pleasure With Shinee

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090716 SHINee@Sukira- Jonghyun & Onew

Jonghyun Sings ‘Insomnia’ by Wheesung Live @Sukira

omg! Jonghyun is awesome here~ I love his voiceโ™ฅ

SHINee Onew-Ya-een w/Nam ChangHee Live @Sukira

credits: bestiz + dirah9302


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090629 SHINee@KBS Star Golden Bell Recording- Onew, Jonghyun & Key

So cute >_<

More pics here

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090703 SHINee’s Onew & Jonghyun@ Starnight-์ž ๊ผฌ๋Œ€ (Please, Don`t Go)

Edit: I just noticed that around 1:39, Onew thought that it was his part and wanted to sing and when he realised that it wasn’t, he smiled >_<

credit: wefly2thesky@YT

I got a little tired of k-pop recently, but this song (which i absolutely love since first heard this song awhile back) might just be the reason for me falling in love with k-pop again:)

SHINee is really impressing me more and moreโ™ฅ

It’s really good, seriously. I love the way both their voices sound together. even though i don’t understand what they are singing, I can feel the emotions of the song and I’m a sucker for ballad currently XD

Taqiah loves this song too! and maybe more now since she recently started to like onew:)


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What’s in Shinee’s Bag?

Pardon the lack of a proper entry intro but today I have to do a lot of homework T__T. Je ne veux pas faire! haha hope I don’t offend the french with my language. Still learning -_-“. Anyways here’s what you’re here for

In Shinee’s Bag:

Taemin: pencil case, beanie, scripts from his tv shows and Michael Jackson DVD
Key: iPod touch, camera, mirror and a book
Onew: Beauty products, iPod Classic, book, picture from after the Music Bank win
Minho: Book for his ideas and an iPod
Jonghyun: Romeo CD, wallet and pouch with items to keep him occupied in waiting rooms.ย 

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