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Micky’s Cyworld Updates + JaeChun Shelter Fanmade MV


i miss DBSK too TT___TT (and 2pm for that matter. september has been rotten)

Source : Yoochun’s Cyworld
Shared by: DBSKnights + fanaholic@wordpress


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JaeChun In Appealing Magazine & Micky’s Cyworld Updates

Credits: DNBN
Shared by: DBSKnights

i miss Korean stage…

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JJ + Micky Kindai Magazine

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JJ + Micky + Hello Kitty!

For those who want Red and Lavender…you better reserve quick..coz..

or maybe this is it that affects which colour you want heh~

Source: sanrio.co.jp
Credits: WithTVXQ
Shared by: OneTVXQ.com + DBSKnights.com + fanaholic@wordpress


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JJ + Micky ViVi Q&A

Q: What would you do on a holiday?
A: I would just laze around. (laughs) Because we’re always busy, to rest myself, I would just not think of anything and rest.

Q: Please teach us a Korean phrase you recommed.
A: Sagija- (Go out with me). I think this is a good word to use because it’s easy to pronounce for Japanese people. This is a must-use phrase when you want to confess to a Korean boy.

Q: What spot do you recommend in Korea?
A: COEX Mall. It is the biggest shopping mall in Korea. Even though Myondong is famous and somewhat similar to Shibuya, it’s not as great, so I wouldn’t recommend it.

Q: What’s your favorite gesture in a girl?

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JJ + Micky In ViVi, Oricon Star & Tokyo Weekly

This is a very chop-chop update but the ViVi pics are HAWT! XD


Tokyo Weekly Interview


1. This special unit will only consist of two members?
– It started from the solo corner of live at Tokyo Dome. Yuchun asked me to perform in duet a song we’ve been composing together and I was worried at that time. That performance had led to this special unit activities.

2. Please tell me the remarkable part of the song ♪
– Please check on Yuchun’s slow rap which really brighten up the song.

3. What is your most favorite part of the lyrics?
– The part “My music in my life~” I feel that our feelings are exactly like showed in that line.

4. If you have to point your counterpart vocal’s appeal?
– Yuchun’s voice is a bass, yet it has a high pitched tone part which makes one great impression together. I think it’s beautiful because there’s a possibility of his voice to pull out a great power.

5. Please tell us about the making of the music video.
– It took more time than you may think. We got a close distance with the small sets, it’s like Ultraman. The technology used is similar in Ultraman and Yuchun even tried to be one!

6. In accordance with the title, what is your favorite colors?
– I like black. It gives a good strong feeling!

7. What is the theme and remarkable part of SHELTER?
– It has R&B dance tune, and with Yuchun’s lots of rap in this song, it becomes really nice.

8. Food you’ve been into lately?
– Ttom yam

9. A word to Yuchun from Jejung
– An early sleeper, and early riser is so not Yuchun! Come back (to your old self)!


1. When did you compose COLORS? And please tell us how’s the composing style of two of you!
– The completion of the song was during the nationwide tour of Tohoshinki in Osaka. This time, Jejung made the arrangement while I did the melody. We shared opinions just like usual, and talked to each other of what kind of song we’d like to compose!

2. Please tell us the part of the song we have to pay special attention on it ♪
– The feeling is different from if we sing with five members, please listen closely to the harmony of these two people! In order to make everyone can easily remember the song in Tokyo Dome Live, we composed an easy/simple music, it suits to be sung in karaoke.

3. Your most favorite part of the lyrics, and why?
– “Even for one second, we’d like to stop the tears in the world and turn them into smile” – that part. The feeling when we sing the last part is also great, “Like a melody~ (and harmony in love)”

4. If you have to point your counterpart vocal’s appeal?
– He has an unforgettable voice! Jejung’s voice comes easy to the ear that I won’t be able to resist!

5. Please tell us about the making of the music video.
– It relates as well to the colors. At the beginning we’re in a pure white world, and as the song flows, the world turns into colorful fun world.

6. In accordance with the song title, what is your favorite color?
– It’s white.

7. What is the theme and remarkable part of SHELTER?
– I’d really love to listen to the contents of the lyrics! The mind of someone who adores you gives such mysterious power, it’s painful yet at the same time we’re glad to show the many sides of complicated mind which is a good thing.

8. Food you’ve been into lately?
– Curry udon

9. A word to Jejung from Yuchun
– Let’s sleep early, and wake up late! The world will change!


Participating in m-flo tribute album to celebrate the 10th anniversary of debut, the two members performed song cover of “Been So Long”

Yuchun “The harmony and rhythm of the rap vocal highly matches, it’s a nice song. The moment you listen to it – you’ll feel attracted to it!”

Jejung “We worked hard not to get off the key, in order not to lose the impact of one circle music. Yuchun and my rap are interlocking every parts in it!


Jejung “The title is “Endlessly Sweet”. The tune is bright, and such a fresh song.”

Yuchun “But at some of the parts, I feel the bitter sweet feeling? It’s like the end of summer, watching the sunset and feel the loneliness from it.”

Message to Oricon Star

There are memories of having so many kinds of photoshoot here (for ORICON Star)! At the cafe, on the streets, on the rooftop building, we have done all photoshoots there. Since we already did so many outdoor photoshoots, it’s really greatful.
– Yuchun

To Ori★Suta !!
Congratulations on your 30th anniversary.
From now on please give us lots of … [T/N dunno what it means]
Thank you very much.~
– That was everyone’s Yuchun!!
To Ori★Suta!!
Congrats on your 30th anniversary!!
I, Jejung will continue to support Ori★Suta^^

source/credits: oricon + redsmile +tokyo weekly + dnbn + hudie: as tagged
sharingyoochun@wordpress + tvxq_luv@tohosomnia.net
shared by : sharingyoochun + DBSKnights + tohosomnia.net + fanaholic


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Jaejoong’s & Micky’s “Shelter”

i’ve fallen in love with the song the first time I listened. a really nice one 😀

Credit: sharingyoochun@YT

Here’s an interview excerpt of the boys in SONG Magazine talking about Shelter, thanks to sharingyoochun for translating:

Source/Credit: sharingyoochun + onetvxq + allkpop

Another new single, SHELTER will also be introduced.

YC: The music was written by Jaejoong! It’s a challenge for him since the music is kind of different than the music he usually mostly composes.

JJ: From the introduction up to part A and B, the melody is pretty dark and heavy. But starting from the chorus, the beat starts to be faster and brighter. I did enjoy this change of pace.

– What kind of message are the lyrics filled with?

JJ: My world won’t exist if there is no you. You may not know about me, but I still keep thinking of you. It sounds a bit like a stalker… (laughs). It’s like this… a person doesn’t even know a thing about another person, but this other person somehow feels strength and encouragement just for the fact that the person does exist. So this song tries to express an appreciation for the existence of someone to other people.

YC: The meaning that connects, this song with COLORS are both expressing ‘a thankful mind.’ But COLORS is a song with more simple kind of music, Shelter’s music is more complicated. So it’s a good balance.

Shared by: fanaholic@wordpress


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Colours~Melody & Harmony MV

Credit: zutegach@YT


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Jaejoong Is A Female Holy Spirit?Say WHAT?

Credit: ammysorry@YT

oh my oh my~ there are various versions to this going around but Thai Cassies are ‘cooperating’ in solving this mystery. Some say that because Thais believe that there are spirits in trees someone photoshopped JJ’s photo in. But maybe there IS a tree spirit who looks like Jaejoong???And those who don’t know TVXQ may actually believe that “She” may be a beautiful tree spirit. haha~ Looks like visual shock – platinum hair and all – is proving a little too shocking for some Thais.Haha wonder how he’d react to this. Someone with links please forward it to him hahaha!

Picture from Thai show

Picture from Golden Fishery

OR MAYBE!! The tree spirit is also a Cassie who has like a poster size of this pic hanging from his/her tree! Who knows~DBSK has LOTS of fans worldwide and cross-worlds haha XD

Original story from allkpop:

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JJ & Micky’s Colours~Melody&Harmony~ Full

credit: jh20121@YT



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