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2PM: Jay Might Come Back?

Finally som sliver of clear skies in Kpop 🙂

On the upcoming episode of MBC’s Golden Fishery set to air on the 11th, JYP carefully brought up Jaebeom and hinted about his return to 2PM.

JYP Entertainment stated:

“We slightly touched upon Jaebeom’s possible return, JYP’s statement can be considered another step in that direction. But it is not set in stone. However, this should at least answer fans’ confusion and clear up the situation a bit.”

Although the details of the full episode have not been revealed yet, it is hinting at the fact that JYP is actively pursuing and anticipating Jaebeom’s return. This is also the first timethat JYP has spoken on this issue.


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yay jay and jyp and 2pm. jyp is so unlike somesatan else.


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Keeping Both Jaebom and the Remaining 2PM in Mind

wahaha long title again. it’s hari raya night and i’m really bored but i’ve got a thought to share about this~

Credit: time2sub2@YT + one2dayforums

well~ i guess it’s really nice and all that the International Hottest Community has been rallying support, protesting and all outside of JYPE to get Jaebom back but we must always remember that there are still 6 others. It’s fishy that JYP did not make Jaebom come back despite Jae’s existing 7 year contract… some say it’s coz Jae may have issues with JYP itself but consider that it could be JYP is respecting Jae’s decision since as we usually note JYP is really close to 2PM. And then also acknowledge that about 3000 odd people demanding you commit suicide may be quite traumatizing as to influence Jae’s decision to keep off the stage for the time being.

What I’m saying essentially is…since the main point of the moron who created this nonsense was to eliminate competition (read: to get rid of 2PM essentially totally) if we really get caught up with our emotions (again) 6 more careers may be sacrificed. Protest responsibly people 😀


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Who Caused the Jaebom Injustice?

Disclaimer: well there aren’t official reports out but this has been reported at omgkpop.com and OMG!! Congrats to the adults who partook in the condemnation of Jaebom…you were manipulated by an attention-seeking nothing better to do high school girl.

Although I’d rather not drag other bands into this mess but she’s only known to be a Shinee fan who doesn’t want them to have anymore competitors. I’ll spare you the obscenities coz fellow netizens are already starting the onslaught. Like I said in the previous post. Karma’s a b^(%#& and she’s looking for you girl.

Translation from omgkpop:

“I can’t wait for tomorrow. I’m very happy just thinking about the info I have and it being all over the news tomorrow. ㅋㅋㅋ (laughing). Just came back from telling Jo reporter about Park JaeBeom’s news.”

Here’s the entry from the girl, who’s now in her 3rd year of high school and is a SHINee fan (http://img7.imageshack.us/img7/7056/source1.png – pic from SHINee’s gallery @DCInside), posted before all the Jaebum news gone off the media:

Cr: cutejjyeosa@soompi + kpoprants

I’d also like to quote Koyote’s BaekGa who also commented on this whole nonsense: They have sacrificed a co worker, and a good friend. You kill with your fingers where no one can see you, and they have made sad, unnecessary sacrifices, but you say it doesn’t even affect you in the heart. All I can say is that I am truly scared.


this was all actually so unnecessary. kids should just go to school and study and instead of scheme to bring other people down. what the heck are they learning in school these days??


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Park Jaebum Fighting!

As you know Leadja has left for Seattle just now from Incheon airport and we can only wish him the best from here on. Jaebom is a good person and surely greater things lie in store for him. Before he left, he was interviewed and here it is courtesy of 2pm-online

SOURCE:sportsseoul Inchon Airport, inside Gate 24. 2PM’s Jaebum continued to repeat his apologies with his head held low before boarding his plane to Seattle. When the interviewer asked Jay about his plans in America, he talked about ‘studying music.’ Although he dropped out of the group, his passion for music and determination not to give up showed.

Sports Seoul dot com was able to talk to Jaebum on the 8th 6:10 PM inside the Incheon Airport Departure Lounge. The first things out of his mouth was ‘I apologize..I’m sorry’

He said “What more can I say? I am just so sorry to the loving fans and the members who had trusted me and followed me.” He added, “I am sorry that I had to leave this way, I did not fulfill my responsibilities as a leader and was just a burden, so I decided on leaving the group.”

They could tell he was very tired and had gone through a lot in just a few days. His voice was very low/weak. They asked another question to Jaebum who continued to apologize with his head hanging low.

When they asked him about his plans in America, he talked about music. He said, “I am planning to study music in America” and “have a time of reflection. I want to show a more mature side both personally and musically.”

He also avoided answering questions regarding his plan to return to Korea. His expression showed that it was too early to be discussing about comeback plans. Instead, he expressed, “I want to thank the fans who had come out to the airport,” and “I will stay healthy in America. I will come back as a better person.”


I think a good song to dedicate to Leadja would be Eminem’s Beautiful… i thought~

Credit: universalmusicgroup@YT

Jaebum will be one tough act to follow 🙂


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Jaebom Leaves 2PM

I feel like the people who stole his dream should be ashamed of themselves. Jaebom has respectfully bowed out of the Kpop scene and may he have even greater success in the future.

On the official 2PM fancafe, leader Jaebeom announced that he will be officially quitting 2PM. JYPE has just confirmed this is true.

This decision was made after his recent Myspace controversy was blown out of proportion. Jaebeom will be leaving Korea today at 6:30pm KST.

Jaebeom posted: 

“Hello, I’m 2PM’s Jaebeom.

I’m sorry for giving you my last greeting through this letter.

I think it will be hard for me to see you all on stage because of my sorry heart.

I’m really sorry to everyone, and I’m even more sorry to the fans who have shown me love.

From today, I will leave 2PM.

2PM boys, I’m really sorry to the boys and I’m sorry I couldn’t be strong as a leader and a hyung and have to leave like this.

However, I hope you will be more cool and charming.

Again, I’m sorry.


Source: 2oneday + allkpop

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Be strong Jaebom and all the best~



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Support For Park Jaebom

Can you believe some people started a petition titled “Jaebeom Should Commit Suicide” on one of Daum’s sites Agora??? Over 3000 people have signed this petition, leaving comments such as “Go back to America”“I’m disgusted by you”, and “Jaebeom will be the next Yoo Seung-joon before it was taken down on September 7.

But things seem to be looking up, because another petition entitled 
“Please Forgive Our Jaebeom Just This Once” on Agora replaced the other hate-filled one and has gained over 6,000 signatures in two days.There’s an online petition going around also in support of the, to this extent, unfairly victimized Jaebom. Although it has already surpassed it’s aim of 10, 000 names with around 12000 plus names, I’s still strongly suggest fans/people who disagree with this bitterness to continue giving support to Jaebom.  

 Fellow Kpop star Jonghun from F.T Island has also shown support on his Cyworld saying “Isn’t the world too scary? The past is the past…I understand the feeling of that person who is in trouble now…Fighting!” 

People make mistakes. Especially extremely stressed out 18 year olds who are dislocated from an environment familiar to them. Stressed out teenagers else where in the world do worse things than say things they come to regret, like shooting people or committing suicide or blow stuff up. An eye for an eye makes the world go blind. Stop the hate. 

Source: 2oneday + allkpop

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Wooyoung Sticks Up for Jaebom

oh the double edged sword that is the Internet. The puzzling reality of the existence of so many people who have nothing better to do than make a mountain out of a molehill~ 

Allkpop reported that in means of encouraging his fellow 2PM member, Jaebom, WooYoung had posted, “2PM, we’re not 7 members. We are One.” On his Cyworld on September 6th, he even posted a picture of the 7 members that was taken during a photoshoot, and set his homepage song to NRG’s “Friend.” But being the harsh netizens that they are, WooYoung’s homepage was bombarded with comments stating that he was only covering up for his own 2PM member. In reply, WooYoung deleted the encouragement he posted, which again stirred up more controversies. As of now, WooYoung’s mini-homepage does not have any new posts.

JYPE said, “Nothing has been planned in relation to Jaebeom’s schedule for now.” 


How ridiculous is this?? 

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Taec The Nerd

hahahaha! He sooo cuteeee! So he has brains, beauty and brawn. Absolutely nothing wrong with that! XD

On the latest episode of KBS Sang Sang Plus, Taecyeon said:

“During my school years, I was a very quiet boy. All I did was study. With my thick glasses, I received no attention.

When I said I was going to tryout to be a singer, nobody believed me. I guess I could’ve just continued studying, but my mom said, it’s better to live an interesting and fun life, than a boring life, and pushed me to tryout.”

Jaebeom then stated:

“At first, Taecyeon was a horrible dancer. But now, a miracle has happened.”

To which, Taecyeon jokingly replied:

“Most likely, I was chosen for my good looks.”

On the episode, Jaebeom also revealed that he was a B-Boy in the states and showed off his impressive dance moves. In addition, Nichkhun revealed that he auditioned while he was training to become a professional badminton player.

The episode of Sang Sang Plus aired on September 1st, 2009. 

Source: johnnydorama@allkpop

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Time for the Wild Bunnies!

Most of you have probably heard or even have watched this new 2PM reality show. It’s so funny! I recommend those who haven’t watched to do so. I have the first parts of the english subbed episodes 1 and 2 and you can double click to watch the rest on youtube on time2sub2’s channel!XD

PLUS! EP3 Preview!

Credit: time2sub2@YT


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2PM Rates High Among Other Kpop Stars

People just can’t seem to get enough of these seven cuties, and that includes even celebrities. See what stars like Lee Hyori, Solbi, and Chaeyeon have been saying about the current darlings of k-pop:

“2PM is the general trend now. I am obsessed with them these days.”
-Singer Lee Hyori on MBC Come to Play

“Before HaHa, who’s in the army right now, comes back, I want to go on a secret date with 2PM’s Jaebeom.”
-Broadcaster Ahn Hye Kyung on MBC Come to Play

“Singer Lee Soo Young is currently obsessed with 2PM, so whenever they come on TV, she goes up and touches the screen.”
-Comedian Park Kyung Lim on KBS Happy Together

“Whenever I see 2PM these days, my heart momentarily shakes.”
-Singer Chaeyeon on KBS Star Golden Bell

“When I think about their looks, I like 2PM’s Nichkhun.”
-Singer Yoona of Girls’ Generation/SNSD on KBS Champagne

“2PM’s Nichkhun is the first celebrity I went up to first and begged to take a picture together.”
-Singer Solbi on Mnet Ice Princess

“If 2PM’s Nichkhun asks me to marry him, I would say yes right away.”
-Announcer Park Eun Young on KBS Yuhyoomanman 

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