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[ENG SUB] Intimate Note Shinhwa Preview – Minwoo + Junjin + Andy

OMGEE! SHINHWA!!!!!!!! even though it’s only 3 of them, but YAY. It’s just the preview but I’m already excited! I miss Shinhwa on variety shows T_T They are always so loud anf fun and super super chaotic XD I wish Hyesung and Eric were there though, cause people always make fun of them being awkward around each other, but I heard that they have been hanging out alot with each other because apparently they live really near??

Can’t wait, can’t wait!!! It will be out on Sep 4^^ and Shinhwa Forever Subs already said that they will be subbing the FULL EPISODE, I’ll probably write a review because I love them so much and I have been Shinhwa-deprived for more than a year!

credits: snowpelllets & ShinhwaForever6



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