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Yoochun’s TIMEOUT GELATO Ice-Cream shop

I know that I should be studying but I just can’t not post this because it is about Yoochun!

Quoted from khiddy @Soompi:

I found this at mickyfan korean site . Yoochun gonna open his own ice cream Timeout Gelato. Im soooooooooo excited when i hear this news. Yoochun is really a man of his word. I remember he said in 8vs1 that he wants to open ice cream cafe for his mom. I really wann go there too.

here is the blog and photo of his shop . Its opening this May 2nd. Telephone number is also end with 0064. How cute!!! They said only male workers are required and tons of his fanboy fought for applications (mayb there was one who want to marry him at dream con hahaha).

Please take out with full credits.


I wanna go! They are even 94%-100% fat free!!!

I’m glad he has a business mind:) Maybe I can be the marketer for his shop when I graduate…Hmmm *rushes to study*


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