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[Review] Heading to the Ground (Ep 1)

Heading to the Ground is OUT! ( Officially since the 9th of September:))

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Yunho HTTG FC Hot Shot

I tried to be creative with the title but so much for that. Let’s just move on to the vid and pics 😀

Credit: OneTVXQ@YT


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U Know Yunho in HTTG Teasers

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HeeChul On Yunho And HTTG


Group Super Junior Kim HeeChul talks about the acting passion of his SM Town family member Dong Bang Shin Ki UKnow YunHo.

HeeChul was present at the press conference of his comeback drama SBS weekend drama ‘Thousand times I love you’ and talked about UKnow YunHo’s recent conditions.

He said, “I talked a lot with UKnow, and we spent fun time together. He is a friend with leadership and does well in everything. And he is recently living his drama character. He wears his training suit and uses dialect.”

“YunHo really like acting and wants to do well. He is living like his character well and brings out his drama character well.”

Meanwhile the first episode to UKnow YunHo’s debut drama ‘Heading The Ground’ will be aired on 9th September.

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Are You A Good…Chicken?!

SME released an official MV of Are You A Good Girl. Personally the question I wanna ask is Who’s Free To Go Riot Outside SME With Me?…I find that they are totally treating DBSK like a thing coz they recently trademarked DBSK’s name or something and now they’re just throwing some clips together and trying to pacify Cassies who he must know ARE NOT DUMB. Mannn~It’s like a fanmade MV only fanmade MVs are made out of love for DBSK while SM’s MVS are made out of his black and greedy little stone heart.

Credit: farahmicky8@YT

In more amusing news:

Here’s pics of Yunho in a chicken suit! haha!It’s some stalker shots of him shooting for his drama ‘Heading to the Ground’

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U-Know Yunho-Ara ‘Heading To The Ground’ First Script Reading Session

MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Heading to the Ground’ (Script by Kim Sol Ji, Kim Yeh ji/ Directed by Park Sungsoo) kicked off with its first script run through.

The run through was held on the 25yh in the Ilsan Dream Center’s sixth floor Script rehearsal Room. Director Park Sungsoo, Writer Kim Sol Ji, U-Know Yunho, Go Ara, Lee Sang-yoon and Lee Yunji were there reading their scripts.

The lead roles could be seen working dilligently to not miss a single letter in their scripts. These people included U-Know Yunho who plays Cha Bong-goon, a soccer player who is extremely passionate and warm-hearted, and Go Ara who plays Kang Haebin, the daughter of an owner of a sports team who wants to become succesful without the help of her father.

One MBC representative who was there said, “U-Know Yunho, who came to The Ilsan Dream Center Script Rehearsal Room as soon as he came back from Japan, didn’t just read his script. He caught the essence of his character very well and he acted as if they were actually filming. He put in a 100% effort when it came to emotions and was very passionate about his role. When the director read out the action directions, U-Know Yunho did not only listen to them carefully, but he also acted the scenes out.”

He also added that. “Even though this was a rehearsal, he acted out Bong-goon’s character with confidence whether he was supposed to be joking around or yelling because he was angry.”

U-Know Yunho, in a bid to fully understand his character, called Writer Kim Sol Ji when he was in Japan and talked for six hours on the phone delving into his character and asking questions.

‘Heading to the Ground’ is a romantic love story about the misunderstandings that occur between Cha Bong-goon, a man who is passionate, and Kang Haebin, a girl who has everything but wishes to succed by her own abilities. It is also a Humanism drama about Cha Bong-goon who has three near-death experiences but still strives to live life to the best.

StarToday Reporter Lee Hyunwoo

Source: [MK+DNBN]
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Yunho and cast “Heading to the Ground” meeting

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