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Jaejoong Stays Strong At Heaven’s Postman PressCon

Currently entwined in a lawsuit and discord with management company over terms in their contract, Dong Bang Shin Ki member Hero JaeJoong said, “This is a time when it will be difficult/tiring to show my face.”

JaeJoong was at the press conference for Telecinema ‘Heaven’s Postman’ on 9th November in Seoul WangSipRi CGV. This is the first time that he is attending an official event 4 months after his lawsuit against SM Ent with fellow TVXQ membersXiah JunSu and Micky YooChun.

He said, “I thought I have to participate in this press conference. This film was filmed a year back with much effort. Even though it may be a tough time now, I told myself ‘Even if for just myself, I should congratulate myself’.”
When asked if he have anything to say to Dong Bang Shin Ki fans, he said, “I know that many fans are worried. I hope that they can get some comfort from this film.”

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Heaven’s Postman Cellphone Wallpapers

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Heaven’s Postman New Preview

Credit: DBSKnightsBlog4 @ YT

DBSK Jaejoong plays Shin Jae Joon (Japanese character’s name is Yu), an IT worker who gets into an accident and ends up in a vegetative state, becoming a messenger for the present and the afterworld. While traveling back and forth, delivering letters to the departed, he meets Jo Ha Na, played by Han Hyo Joo (Saki), as she is trying to send her boyfriend a letter. She is the only person who can see him. 

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ehhh~ the concept of the show is intriguing but from the previews so far I get that JJ’s main role is to act pretty ? heheh~ I’m still looking forward to watching it though..just to see how JJ fares.

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