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[FANACCOUNT] Mirotic Concert- Beijing

1. Hey
2. Are you a good girl?
3. Rising sun
4. Paradise
5. Rainbow
6. Hug
7. Yoochun solo – Love bye love
8. Jaejong solo- It’s my world
9. Changmin solo-Upon this rock
10. Wrong number
11. Purple line
12. Balloons
13. Changmin – Half Moon
14. Love in the ice
15. Don’t say goodbye
16. -talk-
17. Junsu solo-XIAHTIC
18、Yoonho solo-Check mate
19. Mirotic
20. The way you are
21. Somebody to love(JAP)
22. Crazy love
23. Hahaha song
24. Sky(JAP)
25. Song for you
26. Tonight

hey! Opening JJ is touching himself= =||

Paradise! JJ reveal his forehead!!!!! Yunho is getting mushy

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[FANACCOUNT] 090705 Tokyo Dome Day 2

*weeps* Last day of the Dome performance, and the last of sevenkai ;___;

→ I noticed a sign outside about Stand By U but since my kanji fails…
→ Walked in to my seat and I noticed chemical glowsticks taped to every freaking chair. A REPEAT OF FITB????
→ Confirmed with Steph that they’re doing a special Blue project for Stand By U. Think it’s a surprise since they didn’t make an audio announcement, only flashed the message on the screens Sam/Bigeast, ILU.

Opening Ment

Secret Game

Share The World


Take Your Hands
→ Love how everyone raises their glowsticks at every “Go!”

Group intro

Stand Up

→ YC’s soft “hah” after his “kute mo~” mmm….sexy…

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[FANACCOUNT] 090704 Tokyo Dome Day 1

I love this fan account!

source: sevenkai@LJ

Kelly’s fanreport for Tokyo Dome, 4th July 2009. And just in case you haven’t realised it, my Jae-bias? It’s pretty damn strong.
→ First things first, I was disappointed that there was no obvious difference in staging, even for the extended Y-stage. I’d expected the length at least, to change. But I was pleasantly surprised later

→ Show started around 6.16pm when there’s still a lot of people still walking to their seats – I think they couldn’t afford to wait anymore D: I was a little worried but a few minutes into the show, you can barely see any empty seats.

→ Somebody with a Hey!JJ towel is sitting 2 rows behind me XD What, I like the Hey!JJ towel. Because JJ likes it. SIGH. I need one. My aim would be to one day get JJ to take mine XDDDD

→ Damn, there’s a speaker/spotlight tower blocking my view of the secondary center stage. Ah well.

Opening Ment
→ Still the same vid XD Seriously, Japan loves Yoochun, okay? He gets the loudest screams DD

Secret Game
→ The giant, beating heart of Bigeast/Cassiopeia! So beautiful!
→ YC never fails to call out Junsu for his part in SG by shouting out, “Junsu-yah!” XDDD

Share The World
→ The floor is vibrating with the beat, lol.
→ I am still indifferent to this song XD

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DBSK Bangkok Mirotic concert fanaccount with pics

This is my first time writing a fan account, so excuse me if I sound too fangirly. I missed the Bangkok press conference session on 26th, though I was in central world early in the morning to collect my concert tickets. When I reached there around 9.55am, there were already cassies sitting down waiting for them, despite the press conference was programmed to start only at 5pm!

As I had some issues with my tickets, I decided to try my luck down at the ticket booth in Impact Arena. The whole area was blocked as they were making preparations for the concert, but I managed to enter and talked to one of the backstage staffs about my problem. While waiting, I could hear jaejoong’s voice playing in the background. (I figured out that maybe they were testing the audio instead of the actual jj singing since I was there around 1.30pm – 2pm while DBSK arrived at Dusti Thani around 2.30pm?)

Day of the concert 270609:

I arrived at the venue around 3pm and the whole place was filled with DBSK fans, merchandises, pictures and even a Mirotic performance by a group of thai guys. Purchased a couple of Mirotic Bangkok goods and off we go. Security was tight as no cameras or video cameras were allowed, and I only managed to enter around 5.55pm. I was surprised at how small the venue was compared to what I’ve seen in pictures!

Max Changmin:

The highlight of the day for SC zone would definitely be Changmin. His voice is super good and during his solo Upon the Rock, my friend and I were like “OMG! Is that Changmin or junsu?” as we could not believe our ears. On contrary to rumors about Changmin standing out the least in concerts, this boy blew us off with his model appearance and modest attitude. During his second solo, Changmin was standing really close to us and we were screaming “Changmin! Changmin!” He looked around first, turned his head and our eyes met. He smiled and waved at us. I looked like a total maniac at that moment, screaming and waving both my hands. When the stand Changmin was on elevated, we continued to scream and Changmin looked at us again, this time face to face, smiling and waving. He’s drop dead gorgeous.

U-know Yunho:

As expected from the leader, Yunho really does give fan service. He was friendly and interacted with the audiences. I was surprised at how strong his vocal was as compared on TV or videos, and needless to say, he’s better looking in real life. During his solo, Yunho sent out many gasps and screams by the audiences from the steamy dance he had with the dancer. However, Yunho tripped while walking up the steps for Balloons and I wondered if that was the reason why his leg was bandaged at the airport.

Micky Yoochun:

Yoochun seriously has split personality! As compared to the moody airport pictures, Yoochun brought life to the stage with his smile and we could see that he was hyper and enjoying himself. During his solo, Yoochun was interacting with the audience a lot in English, asking us what we wanted to hear, before playing Evergreen and Love Bye Love. As everyone knows, Yoochun appeared instead of Key from ShineE during Xiahtic and he had a steamy dance with one of the dancers. While he was walking in between AL and BL, his shirt flapped open and we could finally see some skin~ Yoochun’s features are really sharp and he does look exactly what you see on television. If I were rank the member most likely to get injured in DBSK, Yoochun would definitely beat others hands down. The first time was while he was walking back to the main stage, someone from AL zone threw a towel on his leg and he turned to look/glare at the person. The 2nd time was before the moving stage reached the main stage, Yoochun and Xiah jumped over the big gap to get back to the main stage. The 3rd time was when they were walking between AL and BL to thank everyone, someone from AL threw a micky mouse hand plushie and Yoochun tripped over it and held on to Yunho shoulder for support.

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090613 THSK Osaka Concert Fanaccount

Time was ticking sooooooo slow since April. I couldn’t wait anymore for June to come, I’ve missed Japan so much since last year, I’ve missed Toho so much since last year (I’ve seen them on a-nation last August), and also the trip’s start was the date of my school’s final markings, so.. I knew it was a totally awesome starts for my holiday!

We had tickets for “only” one concert out of Osakan’s 4. For Saturday. We’ve arrived in Osaka on Thursday morning. We’ve stayed at New Otani hotel, which is like the closest hotel to the concert venue. Here, sharing our window view:

To make things even funnier, during one night I’ve spent in Warsaw I had that really funny dream in which I’ve bumped into Yuchun in hotel during the breakfast and accidentally covered him with scrumbled eggs.
Well, we’ve statyed on 13th floor. Toho and their stuff – on 12th.
We’ve met their dancer, Ryo. Also, the floor was closed like this:

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