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Tell Ellen DeGeneres About DBSK!!!

OH MY WORD! YAY Cassies for going all out with this one, same goes for fans of other kpop acts. But you know me and my first love 🙂

It’s posted on the Ellen DeGeneres website that Ellen is looking to discover more great music from the international stage and of course, the best fans in the world – KPOP FANS! – are undoubtedly the best marketers of their respective kpop idols! I myself just left a post for DBSK. Wouldn’t it be a dream to see your fav kpop act on the Ellen DeGeneres’ show (Coz duh her shows are always awesome!)?

So Click here to tell Ellen DeGeneres about your fav international act now 🙂 The page is lagging though..no prizes to guess who’s making the server so busy haha 😀



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