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100108 F.Cuz 포커즈 (Focus) – 지기 Jiggy (Debut Stage) @ Music Bank & MV

credits: FCUZworld@yt

It’s a pretty decent debut performance although I’m not crazy about the song yet. I have to start to learning their names soon! It’ll be easy cause there’s only 4 members 🙂

Their MV

credits: FCUZworld@yt

Their white fur thing reminds me of GD! Actually, the whole video reminds me of him! Is it just me??


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2NE1 Inkigayo Debut Stage

2NE1’s debut stage with their song ‘Fire’

Peronally I thought the intro was kinda cool…I especially liked Minzy’s intro (is that her stage name now?I get confused -_-“). I thought her dance was the most energetic and powerful. But with the mystery and the hype around their debut..I kinda expected more colours, more spectacle…just more.Hmmm~

Credits: janes1988 @Youtube


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