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Court Ruling on TVXQ VS SMent

The court has gave out the final ruling on the lawsuit between the 3 members of Dong Bang Shin Ki and SM Entertainment.

Seoul Central Court revealed on 27th October a citation of their ruling for the lawsuit between the SM Entertainment and TVXQ Hero JaeJoong, Xiah JunSu and Micky YooChun.

It was revealed, “We see that part of the terms in their contract has much destroyed the good morals of the whole contract. SM Entertainment should not interfere with its singers’ independent unique activities and also contract to perform and other entertainment activities.”

Previously in July, the 3 members of Dong Bang Shin Ki has revealed their 13-year long contract under SM Entertainment, which meant that they will possibly be working under SM Entertainment for life, and has applied for the effect of provisional disposition of the terms in their contract. And the 2 parties have engaged in a lawsuit as SM Entertainment insist that the terms under their contract are reasonable.

The court also revealed, “Through the individual agreement, there is high possibility for group activities to continue, but for the provisional disposition of the the existing activities and the profit allocation, it is invalid and difficult. We will have to dismiss the application for the full provisional disposition of the effects of the exclusive belonging terms in the contract.”

source: sookyeong

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well well~ the ruling looks like the essay I’m writing right now – full of unfathomable crap. what the heck does this all mean anyways? hmmm i think they kinda won coz the court said that the contract really sucks. And then they said that if DBSK can talk to SM they can continue performing as DBSK but because they cannot agree on splitting the profit and what they perform, it will be difficult. And then the last part is totally lost on me. Did they lose i the end anyways? kns lah.



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DBSK Court Mediation Fails. What next?

The three members of group TVXQ who have unfair contract dispute with their agency SM Entertainment presented at the court secretly on last October 13th, however had failed to reach agreement with SM. Previously on October 12th, the two side had submitted a final official stand documents that have been required since early this month for review to make final decision.
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SM Entertainment (hereafter SM) filed a request to the court to cancel the submission of “preservation of evidence” application as being requested by TVXQ members Hero Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, and Xiah Junsu, however, the request was rejected.

One of the litigants through a phone call with Money Star News on the 23rd said, “On last 18th, the court rejected SM’s cancellation request of evidence preservation. Claimant side’s, the three TVXQ members, preservation of evidence application is still up and will receive document submission related to earnings from SM.”

The Seoul Central District Court prosecutor explained the reason of the rejection, “The fact which has been drawn up is about legal relationship between the artists and their agency company, and in compliance with law of civil procedure article 2 section 344, the document holder side couldn’t refuse to submit the documents that become object of document submission order assertion from the complainants.”

On August 5th, Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu side submitted a preservation of evidence to the court to calculate the real income distribution of all TVXQ activities from SM Entertainment. The preservation of evidences demanded including accounting books, contracts, receipts, journals, and any relevant documents related to the income distribution calculation.

With the court rejection, seems that the document release by SM is now inevitable.

Currently both sides of SM and 3 TVXQ members has been waiting for the court decision after the first hearing on 21st last month.

source: star.mt.co.kr + cbs
summarized trans by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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DBSK Have No Intentions to Disband

Excellent news for any TVXQ/DBSK fans out there – according to an interview on Aug 31 with the Japanese paper Goodday Sports, TVXQ has expressed no plans or intentions to disband despite the lawsuit controversy with SM Ent. Though this bit of information started circulating once the controversy had cooled a bit, it’s nice to hear this coming from the mouths of the five members themselves.

In the interview, the quintet expressed their excitement for their growing popularity in Japan. Leader Yunho felt that their fan count was increasing; the Tokyo Dome concert was a success and the recent video release has become a hot issue. They also discussed international plans in coming months and rejected rumors of disbandment.

“[We hope that] all five members can attend the end of the year music programmes,” Yunho expressed during the interview in reference to Kohaku in Japan & Gayo Daejeon / Music Festivals in Korea. Junsu later added, “following this, all five members will continue to do activities together. We want to grow with our fans.”

Furthermore, each member, including those involved in the legal dispute, gave a reassuring message to fans:

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Jaejoong’s Message to Members

i’m so beat today~but i realized i can’t be as beat as DBSK when they train huh. I was just surfing the net when I found this which I highly doubt we’ve shared here:

this is jaejoong’s letter to the other members during their mirotic period, it might explain why they’re doing this lawsuit.
Jaejoong say:

To: Yoochun
Yoochun, you don’t say much usually but writing this down using these kind of words make me a little embarrassed. I know you have been very tired recently, worried and forcing a smile out – I feel sorry. We are always together and the other members are unable to see your sadness but the hard words have to be said out. If you’re tired, tell me, I will help you. I will also listen to all your troubles because I am always by your side. You can tell me anything and everything – the soul of my life. Yoochun, I love you.

To: Junsu

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Cassies Tattoo The Faith

Wow what commitment!




Fans also make an impact with a message ‘I believe in DBSK’ on Music Bank



Bonus Mega LOL for all ye faithful:

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TVXQ Group Activites Suspended

Source: coolsmurf@allkpop

TVXQ will be suspending their group activities pretty soon after completing all their planned schedules. This is largely due to the lawsuit filed by JaeJoong, Micky and Xiah against SM Entertainment for their slavery contract to be amended.

As spoken in the aftermath of the lawsuit, TVXQ will complete their planned schedules before the lawsuit was filed which will end on 29th August. Beyond that, TVXQ will be taking a “vacation”, with regards to group activities, although solo activities will continue.

There are still two live performances for fans to catch TVXQ together as a group before their vacation, the first being A-Nation in Osaka, Japan and their Shanghai concert.

The court has already heard both sides of the story from SM Entertainment and the TVXQ trio (JaeJoong, Micky and Xiah) earlier. Although the court has advised both parties to sit down and settle their differences, it’s kind of unlikely that a solution would be reached at this juncture. The ruling of the case will be decided on 11th September, where fans all over the world would be glued to their computers, hoping that TVXQ will still exist as a group.


Que sera, sera~ but Cassies will always have faith in TVXQ! Fighting!

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CreBeau Also Suing SMEnt?

Seoul Central District Court officer revealed on August 26th that a representative of CREBEAU (위샵플러스) cosmetic company had filed lawsuit against SM Entertainment in charge of defamation issue on August 4th.

CREBEAU representative said, “The problem that is filed by 3 members who are also investors in our company is something to do with the unfair distribution income and to terminate the exclusive contract effect. However, SM keeps distorting the essence of the issue by saying that the main reason of their lawsuit is related to the cosmetic company. This is definitely a false representation and inflicts a serious libel to our company.”

source: pretty@yna.co.kr
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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well, it would seem like those ‘he asked for it’ situations~ hmmm~


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How LeeSooMan Lives

or better entitled how LSM bleeds his employees dry to live in luxury. But i thought that would be too long a title. 

I read in places that it’s called an ‘officetel’ something like a fusion of an office and a hotel. A HOTEL. The man lives in a bloody hotel with DBSK money. And Shinee money. And Suju money. And SNSD money. Et cetera… It’s situated in the ‘Korean Beverly Hills’ of Gangnam…ahh i think i might’ve passed this building coz this street looks really familiar~ i woulda probably done some ‘things in the name of justice’ if i’d known…or just stand outside and curse the building to collapse or what (given the situation only the bloodsucker is in the building) hah!

More info on the building:

The building itself is composed of 23 floors, where each floor the sizes range from 55 ~ 118 (average Korean houses : 20’s). The biggest floor, 118, has a set payment of 200,000 and a payment of 9,000~ 10,000 in a month.

A view of Han Kang River is accessible and the furniture are mainly imported from Germany, USA, and Sweden. Lee SooMan is assumed to live in the 15th floor, room numbers 1504 and 1505.

Supposedly, this office-home is also supposed to be used for the court trial with SM Entertainment and Dong Bang Shin Ki.

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JaeChunSu against SM Ent – Lawsuit part 1

O M O N A ! ! !

Rumours are spreading around like wildfire that TVXQ are gonna S P L I T due to disagreements with SMEnt regarding the ‘slave contracts’ that TVXQ are stuck in, which entitles 80% of earnings to SMEnt and 20% to be divided among the 5 members. Junsu, JJ and Micky are especially actively filing lawsuits after the incidents of SMEnt meddling with their investments in CreBeau and alleged incidents of Junsu being ‘bullied’ by SMEnt heavyweights when his father got involved in a lawsuit against SMEnt as well. There are also rumours that because Changmin and Yunho are not currently filing lawsuits, that there is also a rift within TVXQ itself, hence the rumours of a S P L I T . ALTHOUGH….other sources say that Yunho and Changmin have also previously wanted to quit SM but were bound by contract, and now that these ‘slave contracts’ are illegal in South Korea, they may seek to file lawsuits too.

PHEW~ This whole thing is insane! But I guess there’s not much we can do but to wait and see how things develop. And pray pray prayyyy that they win a lawsuit and transfer to a better company TOGETHER. hehe XD hope and prayer is always good right? DBSK FIGHTING!!! 


Lee Soo Man the @#$%^&* of SMEnt.

Because this is just me rambling in a nutshell about what’s going on, you can also check out More Info On the TVXQ VS SMEnt Saga here to get a better picture.

Source: allkpop

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