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THSK’s Stand By U debut’s 2nd on Oricon + Interview

The Oricon Interview:

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THSK What’s In Special Interview


Based on the album, , that was released in March, they are currently holding their national tour, which will be attended by 250,000 people. During the tour, they announced that their new single, , will be released on 1st July, and the song’s preview has been released. Sure to be a big hit, this sad love song is the continuation of the popular single , which was released last year.

Besides this, it has been decided that the encore and final performance will be held in the Tokyo Dome on 4th and 5th July; their first time performing there. Just like the album, a more mature Tohoshinki with fantastic dance moves, excellent vocal abilities and hot dance stages will be presented during the Live.

Tohoshinki Special Interview

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THSK CD Data Magazine Interview Part 2

JJ: My opinions are rather different from the others.. The male lead in “Stand by You” had never forgotten the past and when he remembers it alone, the song “Tea for Two” plays.. So “Tea for Two” is just like a dream that he had!

– Everyone’s opinions are indeed very meaningful~ So what about you, Junsu? You seem to like songs that give out an “unfulfilled love” kind of meaning, such as “Beautiful You” and “Taxi”. These kinda songs are very naive and suits Junsu. (Laugh)

JS: Does to refer to a lover that would still make food for me to eat? (Laugh) Mm.. not bad not bad (Shy) It is very ideal.

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THSK CD Data Magazine Interview

“Unable to leave the blissful past, I’m currently in darkness..”
– This year’s summer song is a slow romantic song.

YC: Mm, although this song does not sound like usual summer pieces, but it does bring about the kind of loneliness you feel on a summer night.

YH: Till now, there are alot of songs similar to “Sky” and “Summer Dream” that have a carefree summer feeling. Although on the surface, the song “Doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou? (Why I like you?)” that was released last year and “Stand by You” which was released this year do not have this carefree feeling but we want to let everyone experience a summer day full of meaning and show everyone that we have matured.

– Instead of using a slow melody, you guys have used a medium tempo to bring out the feelings effectively.

YH: Yeps, the advantages of a medium tempo is that it is able to adequately bring out the feelings in the song, even more matured than the lyrics of “Doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou? (Why I like you?)”.. It is very suitable for a “Summer Rain” song.

CM: Although “Summer Rain” is not a very dark song however, it does make others feel that there is very little unfocused light.

JJ: Wah! Wah! Changmin-ah! You actually know these kind of feelings? (Eyes Changmin suspiciously)

– If Jaejoong is going to continue being like that, I will explode in laughter. (Laughs)

JS: Eukyangkyang! He is going to start telling the story behind his first kiss again. (Laughs)

YC: Yes! Yes! (Laugh) During one of the performances, Changmin introduced the song and said, “I hope the lyrics can make everyone’s shout can be resonated around the venue!” As Jaejoong was teasing Changmin then, he countered that by saying his first love story (laugh) in order to not lose to Changmin (laugh).

CM: It’s real! (Laugh) It makes me seem like I’m older! (Laugh)Also when I was singing “when the phone rings, how I hope that it would be you, that’s how I live my life everyday~” [T/N: I’m not sure of the exact translations as it from Chinese and I am unable to identify the song since I usually don’t find translations, Sorry!] This part is very real and I believe that a lot of us can imagine this as well. Although the lyrics of the song are describing about what happens after a break-up, but if you still love that person, you’d still think of the person and would always hope that he/she calls you. As almost everyone has gone through this phase, when I sing this, I would usually be very emotional.

JS: Yeah.. (Sighs) It is indeed a very splendid song.. (Starts singing)

YC: You can feel the time flow and everything that happened through this song. So long as you still love the person, you would have this kind of feeling, no matter the season or time.

JS: The song “Taxi” is a song about loving a girl that is already attached although it uses an “unable to face reality” kind of remorse to perform. However, the song “Stand by You” is a song about the feelings towards a lover who has left [T/N: As did not specifically say breaking up or passing away, I used the word left] and the fact that they are “unable to meet”, it is very sad. That is the difference between the songs.. Ah~ It’s still very sad~. During concerts, I would always feel like crying when I sing these two songs. No matter which song, it shows the hurt that an emotional boy would feel so my heart would always seem like it is being dragged down by sadness..

YC: “The hurt that an emotional boy would feel”.. Junsu.. So cool~~

JJ: I think that the part “Only when I’m beside you would I be able to see the bright light although it is impossible to repeat those happy moments” is the most hurting.

JS: Yeah yeah yeah! I think that the part “no matter what happens, no matter what I lose, I will never forget that I loved you once” is the most hurting.

CM: Junsu-ah! Jaejoong is answering, please endure abit. (Laughs)

YC: (comforts Junsu) [T/N: Aww XD]

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Source: TVXQbaidu
Translation by: 
Shared by: tvxqfever.blogspot.com + fanaholic@wordpress


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MuMo Mobile & Interview


credit: 네이버블로그 Shooku님 + 감성뮤지션@dnbn
trans and shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

Q.What is your first impression of Stand by U? 

When I first heard of the song, I thought it was good.
I like memorable melodys, but I like repetitive lyrics too.
I was thinking it might be more expresseing the bottom of a guy’s heart rather than ‘Why Did I Fall in Love with You”

The first moment I heard this song, Aah…lonely…
It’s regrettable that it’s about a guy who is still looking for his parted girl,
but I think everyone at least once ever experienced this ..

Q.Did the recording go smooth? 

Recordings are always done with a blazing willpower,
but the emotions of this song were so strong,
that it especially had more willpower than others. 

This time the members especially gave much more opinions. 

For example, the shake at the beginning of the song that me and Yoochun sings,
we also recorded the beginning, talking in vibration.
But it was edited out (laughs). 

That’s regretting (laughs).

Even though the recording was finished, they constantly did it again, over and over again
trying while suggesting things. 

Q. What were you thinking when you sang this song?

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