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And the winner is…

세 상 에!!!

And so the voting mania comes to an end…we were 3000 short of Suju but who cares? No one’s gonna stop us from listening to the best band in the world (a.k.a DBSK) and have a blast! ^^ No offence to other bands and fans of other bands, we’re just DBSK-biased here at fanaholic (refer to above banner). Hehe and 3000 votes does not take away the undeniable talents of DBSK! As a matter of fact we should be celebrating the coming together of 27000 plus plus plus DBSK fans WORLDWIDE who have braved the always down Channel V site and despite the conspiracy theory of voting in spite which may or not be true (anyway denise has denied me bashing rights and because we are a blog for peace and DBSK!). In any case don’t mope, put ya DBSK records on and go totally fangirl again! Haha I’ll start with the always reliable remedy for your soul Youtube vid!
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Channel V Asian Battle of the Pops EXTENDED!

It’s awesome to see so many superawesome DBSK fans responding to this and it’s starting to pay off. Last checked the tally is 15485 votes for DBSK and we were leading by exactly 185 votes. But let’s not take the lead for granted as the deadline has been extended to 20th April Monday and lotsa things can happen! For all of y’all you haven’t voted, hurry on down and Vote for DBSK at Channel V HERE. Every vote counts and as said before, patience is virtue what with the site being constantly flooded by us and all. Aja! Everybody FIGHTING! 😀


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Save DBSK!!!

Pardon the drama but I am FREAKING OUT! 800 votes! Last checked that’s how many votes DBSK are behind! And this for a band with a record in the Guiness Book for the most fans in the world, boasting 800, 000 (correct me if I’m wrong) fans in South Korea alone. Although this may be a sign of DBSK’s graduation from being an ‘idol’ group (I’m trying to look on the bright side here) but we can do better! Let’s show our love and  Vote for DBSK at Channel V HERE. Let’s make every vote count! Everyone FIGHTING 😀

P.S.: You may encounter some technical difficulties at the Channel V site but be patient and try as hard as you can to get your votes in yeah? Feels like there’s a conspiracy theory behind all this haha but let’s not get too far-fetched..it’s probably because of the tsunami-like traffic at the site as all DBSK fans come together to help out our beloved band (I know, I’m idealistic teehee^^)


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Vote for DBSK on Channel V’s Asia VS Asia!

YOU GUYS!!! Channel V is having a Asia VS Asia battle of the bands . Our beloved DBSK has gotten past three rounds of votes and as of now they’re lagging behind their quarter-final rival by about 70 votes (THE HORROR!!!) so get to voting people!! . You have to sign up at Channel V but it takes like less than 5 minutes to do so. Show your love and let’s crown DBSK the winner!!! This 3rd round of voting ends Friday April 17th so vote quick and spread the word to other fellow DBSK fans ya!

Vote for DBSK at Channel V HERE



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