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The Kpop Guide to Keeping Warm in Winter

hahaha i’m so bored 😀 and cold. but after i heard these HAWT tunes i just melt 😀 (and TVXQ is back – somewhat 😀 it’s so beautiful to hear Changmin’s voice again 😀 – since all 5 are singing somewhere in the world I can imagine they’re all singing together :D:D:D – don’t no one tell me otherwise)

When the Door Closes – Doojoon & DongWoon (B2ST/Beast)

credit: renka1712@YT
One of the awesome things about Beast/B2ST is they are more true to the traditional lovey dovey/innocent-ish songs of the boybands of the ’90s and earlier. It’s all like I love you+You love me=happy or I love you – you love me= sad, so sweet. Compared to the more common contemporary songs with I wanna do you + You wanna do me = We may spread STDs/ I wanna do you X you don’t wanna do me = explicit content.
And DooJoon and DongWoon sing this by themselves! And they sound unbelievably awesome. Replaying X infinity 😀
(don’t know what’s with me and equations today ^^”)

Hot Times

credit: purplemyfav17@YT
HOT VOCALS. nuff said.
oh wait. imagine Xiah Junsu in this mix and we would all be in the Sahara.

Athena OST – TVXQ


Can’t wait for the Japanese show OST too. Sounds promising:

credit: 33misaki@YT


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Best of Shim Changmin

Since it’s his birthday, I’ll upload his pictures first.

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Changmin Mobile & Desktop Wallies

okayy~ now i’m gonna slowly share the remaining pics in between doing some work so i’m constantly fuelled by the dongbang drug haha starting with my fav 😀 oh my oh my i feel so high ^^~

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[ENG SUB]Bigeastation 127-Psychology Test (ChunMinSu)

credits: whisperpuppies@yt


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Junsu Will Be Junsu

it feels like i haven’t truly dong-banged in so long so i went to the motherland site of DongBang (dbsknights heeh~) and chanced upon this vid they shared. it’s so cuteeeeeee!

Credit: 2yunnie206@YT + dnbn

Shared by: fanaholic@wordpress


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If DBSK Disbands…

You can totally feel DBSK’s unity…even with the trouble that’s going on. Found this excerpt from another fanblog. Check it out:

Q. If DBSK breaks up, what will you want to do?

I’ll probably become the top vocalist.
As a DBSK member.

I’ll be composing songs.
Our DBSK songs…

How about soccer?
Playing a game of soccer with the members is fun.

Let me see, since I’m the fragile maknae,
I will have to be with my hyungs.

If that does happen, I will gather my members again.
As the leader of DBSK.

Credits for translation: bakarero@dbsg
Shared by: Lovely-Panda@soompi + lovetohateme + fanaholic@wordpress
can i say AWWWWwwwwWwwwWwWwwWWWww~ XD
AND I found a newspaper ad by the Korean cassies from another blog. It says Behind You (DBSK) There Is Cassieopeia
true that~
Source: theoriginalkpopbean



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090812 Tohomobile Messages

Edited with trans

Shochuu omimai are summer greetings, and is a culture in Japan where postcards asking about summer and health are usually sent to family/friends.


Summer greetings! How is everyone? I’m spending a hot, but fun summer. Please make wonderful summer memories with your family and friends! See you!


Summer greetings! Is everyone healthy? Everyone OK? I will try not to let the summer wear me down~ Recently, I’ve purposely let myself get exhausted by the summer~ ^^ Right now, I’m enjoying it healthily! Everyone, please eat and laugh a lot, and enjoy the summer~
Always keep the faith!

More here

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[TRANS] 090812 ‘Paradise Ranch’ Female Lead Chosen

Samhwa Networks stated that their contract with SM regarding a joint-drama production has been finalized on the 12th.
The title of the drama is ‘Paradise Ranch’ and their will be 20 episodes in total, each 70 minutes long. The main characters will be played by Choikang Changmin and Lee Yeonhui and shooting will begin later this month and end late November.

Source: [money today + DNBN]
Translation credits: jeeelim5@iscreamshinki.net
Shared by: iscreamshinki.net
Do not remove/add on any credits


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JaeChunSu against SM Ent – Lawsuit part 1

O M O N A ! ! !

Rumours are spreading around like wildfire that TVXQ are gonna S P L I T due to disagreements with SMEnt regarding the ‘slave contracts’ that TVXQ are stuck in, which entitles 80% of earnings to SMEnt and 20% to be divided among the 5 members. Junsu, JJ and Micky are especially actively filing lawsuits after the incidents of SMEnt meddling with their investments in CreBeau and alleged incidents of Junsu being ‘bullied’ by SMEnt heavyweights when his father got involved in a lawsuit against SMEnt as well. There are also rumours that because Changmin and Yunho are not currently filing lawsuits, that there is also a rift within TVXQ itself, hence the rumours of a S P L I T . ALTHOUGH….other sources say that Yunho and Changmin have also previously wanted to quit SM but were bound by contract, and now that these ‘slave contracts’ are illegal in South Korea, they may seek to file lawsuits too.

PHEW~ This whole thing is insane! But I guess there’s not much we can do but to wait and see how things develop. And pray pray prayyyy that they win a lawsuit and transfer to a better company TOGETHER. hehe XD hope and prayer is always good right? DBSK FIGHTING!!! 


Lee Soo Man the @#$%^&* of SMEnt.

Because this is just me rambling in a nutshell about what’s going on, you can also check out More Info On the TVXQ VS SMEnt Saga here to get a better picture.

Source: allkpop

Shared by: fanaholic@wordpress


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B-Pass Order in which celebrities can swim -#4 Changmin

This month’s topic:

[The celebrity who can always track-water in a swimming pool]

#2 Seiji Ogura 小倉誠司 (flumpool)
#3 YAMATO (Orange Range)
#4 Changmin
#5 遊助 (Yusuke?)

Source: neverend-scm.com
Translation: jaesarng @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Shared by: DBSKnights
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!


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