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Channel V Boys VS Girls Results


pic: pyoungmi@photobucket


TVXQ REIGNS…oh sweet sweet sweet is the taste of justice. Well done peeps! But I must say… the competition was a tight one. There’s another one that just started (but hmm I’m starting to roll my eyes). This time it’s called ‘Battle of the Moves’. I’m beginning to think that they’re trying to exploit the popularity of TVXQ and Suju to get hits on their site…hmmm anyways..if you’re still into the whole voting thing..Head on down to Channel V and check out who else is competing. 

My prediction is that all the Western stars will get severely beat (if all the fangirls still care) and all the fangirls will win. Haha XD


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Update on Channel V’s Boys VS Girls Battle of the Pops

Congrats to the fans who’ve voted TVXQ into the quarter finals of this voting competition. TVXQ now faces Jay Chou and are lagging behind (again! the nightmare continues) so if you still care about this Channel V thing do click on the picture above and vote. Personally for me it’s not a big thing if TVXQ loses this coz come on..in our Cassie Universe there is no other number one except them :D. But we do have a good chance of winning if we want to coz I doubt Jay Chou has as much fan mobilizational power as the Korean bands do hehe (unless they get pissed off by this statement and start to act out -_-“)

An updtate for Suju fans as well: Super Junior are against S.H.E. in this round and they are also lagging though by a much smaller margin.

So, if you want a final round TVXQ VS SUJU showdown… do what it takes *wink wink*




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