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2PM @ High 1 Seoul Awards


credit: starxchocox@YT
if you havent seen this..ahhhh!!!~not for the underaged hehe

credit: oneday2thailand@YT


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090829 Music Core performances

I have included Jewelry’s comeback on Music core:)
Jewelry Bounce + Vari2ty Comeback Stage


Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra

credits: KPOPMV010@yt

Baek Ji-Young ft. TaecYeon(2PM) – My Ear’s Candy

credits: CodeMonmonSeason2@yt

omg why is the internet here always soooo slow???


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090828 Music Bank performances

Opps! forgot to share music bank! I have to go do my homework soon, so I’ll post all the videos in one post!

FT Island – I Hope (remix ver.)

Hongki changed his hair colour again!

Baek JiYoung & TaecYeon – My Ear’s Candy

K-chart – G-Dragon WIN

look at the dbsk sign at 0:03-0:06! The words in yellow^^

More here!


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090830 Baek Ji-Young ft. TaecYeon(2PM) – My Ear’s Candy@Inkigayo

credits: CodeMonmonSeason3@yt

AHHHH Taecyeon!!!!!!!!! *haha excuse my excitement, I’m a new 2PM fan, and he happens to be one of my favorite members* OMGGGGG my heart nearly stopped from 0:55 to 0:59 and the ending!! OMGGGGG sometimes I forget he’s only one year older than me. AND 2:44 and 3:03!!! SO 2PM’s I hate you! *FAINTS*

I’m glad the style here is different from the MV, no silver lipstick thank goodness!

Can’t wait for Wild bunny ep7 on Tuesday XD


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Baek Ji Young & Taec Remixes Hate While JYP Spins New Hits

lalalala~ my titles are not making sense. if you must know i watch WTB on YT alot and he influences my title structuring alot (ignore and proceed if you don’t know what the heck i’m talking about :DDDD)

Credit: yuriyuri1111@YT

well..i prefer the original. coz like…6 really important people are missing.haha. and taec sounds pissed off. more than his ‘beast idol’ self usually is kinda.

and meanwhile Da Man JYP’s been ‘tweet’-ing about his progress with the 2PM full album:


Where do I find time to make music? Making 2pm’s 2nd song in da plane back to da Wonder Girls!”


woots! go JYP! I’m totally anticipating a FULL 2PM album!XD


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[MV]Baek Ji Young ft. Taecyeon 2PM-My Ear’s Candy

Taqiah is the 2pm girl here at Fanaholic but she just started school yesterday and is busy so I present you Baek Ji Young ft. Taecyeon 2PM’s My Ear’s Candy MV. Taec is really hot here but I don’t agree to 80% of his style in the MV:( Silver lipstick and there was one part where he was wearing seriously weird glasses XD Is it just me or did that green laser dance part remind anyone of Junsu in Mirotic MV? and did I hear “Wo Ai Ni”?

credits: Bestiz + sanakujira


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Taec Is Baek Ji Young’s Candy

All Hottests would disagree but well BJY is living a sweet life~

Credit: sanakujira@YT


Here’s taec minus a girl to calm you down/or getting your heart pumping faster. whichever depending on your category of fangirling haha~

Credit: aummiie@YT

with added jaebum focus bonus 😀


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