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Always Keep The Faith Tattoo- JaeChun

Chunnie looks tired T.T

source: tatist
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Cassies Tattoo The Faith

Wow what commitment!




Fans also make an impact with a message ‘I believe in DBSK’ on Music Bank



Bonus Mega LOL for all ye faithful:

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[AD] TVXQ 2 Canada- “Always Keep the Faith” Video project

Edit: Deadline extended to 31 August 2009

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Always Keep the Faith…The Album??

I’m in the process of finding out more about this but for now here’s some info about this ‘album’…

Haha ok nvm i found out it was something to chill out from all the lawsuit stress hehe. it shows i’ve been studying more than fangirling. mum should be proud hahaha~


“The five members of TVXQ return for the first time after overcoming the hardships they faced!They started off with a bang with a special album full of songs composed by the members themselves.This album can be reveiwed as an album full of love for their fans who have believed in and waited for them.

“Reviewer – DNBN SangsangYaechan

Album Name: Always Keep the Faith

Artist: TVXQ

Album Type: Domestic/Studio

Agency: Cassiopeia Ent.

Stars: Five stars (10 out of 10│ there are 1226 reviews)

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DBSK ~[Official] Picture of You MV~

credits: yuulinaboojaejoong

Omg!!! I was freaking out when I saw this!!! I love love love Yoochun in here!!! The five of them looked so happy in the video, really hope everything will turn out for the best 🙂 and just before I saw the MV I was watching Yoochun in Rainbow Romance and look at what I noticed:

It’s from episode 4 if anyone is interested in watching^^ and judging from his hair in the show, it’s around rising sun period!

And here’s Yoochun to remind us to Always Keep The Faith!


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Always keep the faith :)

I was actually posting these vids at my own blog but decided to share them here as well^^

Some fanmade videos I found over at youtube. It’s really touching looking at all the cassies and the boys together. We have to stay strong!

DBSK ~Always Keep the Faith – Hope to the End~

credits: http://동방신기 내남자 and dnbn + yuulinaboojaejoong

DBSK ~Cassies singing along with DBSK~

DBSK ~[Fanmade] Together Forever With DBSK~

DBSK ~[Fanmade] Always Keep The Faith~

credits: dnbn + yuulinaboojaejoong

and these three aren’t new but I just thought to share them because I have been reading blogs and many fans seem to be crying and i just wanna say, let’s not cry anymore and just continue believing in them:) It is a rough period for Cassies now but remember, “even though the darkness overtakes the night, tomorrow will come no matter what”.

Holding back the tears (Eng Sub)

credits: ziranick7

Miduhyo- I believe (Eng Sub)

credits: farahmicky8

DBSK – asuwa kuru kara (romanization+eng sub)

credits: andyfield@veoh + ziranick7


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