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2PM’s Again&Again Remix + Redsoul’s Cover Remix TikTok Heartbeat

whoooo long title but the songs are sooooo worth it ~~~

credit: itokkey@YT

credit: mellen008@YT
omg i so want this song on my ipod 😀


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2PM Underground Flash Mob!

Haha~ If I’m not wrong Underground is supposed to be 2PM’s biggest fanbase…? The first girl who comes out has really got the moves though some others don’t. but still it’s a really fun idea and video. 2PM FIGHTING! XD

Credit: LeadjaProtectionProg@YT


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BEG’s Again & Again

Credit: codemonmonseason4@YT

wow! that was really awesome! freshhh~



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2PM & 2NE1 Blaze The Mnet 20’s Stage

Credit: yanaftwtwo@YT

kyaaaa~2PM!!!I love Junho’s hair..eventhough it’s so one of Rain’s hairstyles…or maybe it’s just that he already looks like Rain to begi with heh. And what did they do to Chansung’s hair?? Did they contract Micky’s hairstylist to do Chansung’s hair too? :O! haha~ PSJ is one lucky lady.

Credit: skn3524@YT

and of course 2NE1 never disappoints. Their song medley was positively blazin’ and the fancy lighting and graphics took the performance a whole new level of mega awesome! XD


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2PM & Kara Special Hits On Inkigayo

AND what do you peeps think of Kara’s version of Again & Again?

ummm personally i think they lost the feel of the song as they tried to act sexy. hmm i dunno. that’s just a personal opinion. i’m not a big fan of their version of this song and their vocals are almost totally drowned out by the beats on purpose?

Source: allkpop + codemonmonseason3@YT


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The Royal Pirates Rock KPop!

they are pretty amazing. i think someone told me before that they were good but coz they looked like those emo bands  i kinda just took no notice. But now i think they ARE good XD hehe

SNSD – Tell Me Your Wish

2PM – Again & Again + I Hate You

DBSK – Mirotic

Super Junior – Sorry Sorry

Credit: fadingfromdawn @ YT

Go check them out. There’s a download link at their channel

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2PM New Mini Album!

YAY!! My new love interest 2PM had released a new mini album on 16th April 2009 entitled ‘Time For Change’. Ahh~ Why the heck was I slow to find out this?? (Heheh too obsessed with my other love). As you heard Again & Again is really NICE! I’m excited to listen to the rest 🙂 You guys check it out too!

There are download links over at asianmusiclover and ihoneyjoo

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